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Rogue Fencing is a pretty rad HEMA club. We love swords and history, but, most importantly, we’re here to train and learn. This summer we're meeting in the park and learning rapier!

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), is an umbrella term used to describe any of the martial art practices rooted in historical fight manuals written in Europe between approximately 1300 and 1900 CE. Nearly every European culture produced instructional texts were that were developed by masters of combat and were used to teach a range of techniques from unarmed fighting to full-on horse mounted combat. HEMA is, perhaps, most well-known for its sword practitioners. This includes longsword, rapier, sword and buckler, and saber.

We are an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance!

When you cancel:
You are eligible for a refund, as long as you cancel at least 3 days in advance.

When we cancel:
We require at least 3 RSVPs (aside from the instructor) for class. If we lack 3 students, we will cancel class. This decision will be made 2 days in advance.

Advance RSVP is preferred for this reason. We can accommodate in-person drop-ins, but the cost will increase to $25 for guest instructors and $20 for sparring sessions.

See the FAQ ( more details.

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