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Makers and Hackers Night at the Medford Library
HOW TO GET IN THE MEDFORD LIBRARY BUILDING ON THURSDAY NIGHTS The (South) door from the main parking lot usually locks at or before 6:30pm. The outer front door (Central Ave) to the building automatically locks at 7pm. When it is functional, we try to put out a button you can press that will alert us that you're waiting to get in. It will be on the ground, just outside the North door (Central Ave). If you cannot get anyone's attention using that method, come around to the 9th Street side of the building. The meeting room has windows that face 9th Street. Tap on the window and someone will let you in that side exit door. ---------------------------------- WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS MONTHLY MEETUP ABOUT ANYWAY? Do you enjoy playing with technology, DIY projects, tapping into the inner geek, and exercising creativity? Would you like to get to know other people while figuring out how things work, re-purposing things in unexpected ways, collaborating on challenging problems, and sharing skills with others? Still wondering if this gathering is for you? Read this essay about the Maker Mindset ( Attendance at each monthly meeting is highly random. Sometimes it's just 3-4 people. Sometimes it's 25+ people. Fair warning. RSVPs on do not seem to approximate actual attendance. Many people who come to the event don't RSVP or find out about the event in other ways. --------------------------------- WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING? It is highly recommended that each participant bring something to work on and/or share. It can be something the person has worked on recently or in the past. It can be a problem that you'd like help solving, or something that you're currently creating. It can be digital or a physical project, or both. It can be an idea that you are trying to figure out how to implement. For younger participants, we now assure that at least one kid-friendly activity will be available. However, we are not always prepared to handle large groups and Thursday nights are assumed to be school nights. If you have a large group of youth and you would like to bring them to our Thursday night events, please let us know as early as possible. Participants bring own projects/tools/materials and leave the room as clean as we started with. -------------------------------- WHAT IS THE ROGUE HACK LAB? The Rogue Hack Lab is dedicated to providing an environment where adaptive learning and peer-to-peer mentoring can flourish. What is adaptive learning in this context? It means finding the intrinsic motivation to learn new (and often difficult) skills... usually to overcome the challenges while working on a project the person enjoys. The Rogue Hack Lab formed in 2012 and opened a 24 hour facility in downtown Medford. However, in January 2015, we ended our lease at that location and have yet to find a suitable location that meets our needs and limited budget. We decided to continue hosting meetups at 3rd party locations. We hope to build enough interest until such a time where we could launch a membership drive and move to better facility. We are non-profit, all-volunteer organization. You can support the Rogue Hack Lab by becoming a supporting member of the organization, by partnering with us, or financially sponsoring an educational programs and events. -------------------------------- CODE OF CONDUCT Respect gets respect. Like most hackerspace and makerspace communities, members generally believe that the purpose of coming together is to learn through doing (aka "do-ocracy") and sharing without judgement or prejudice, and to treat each other with dignity and respect. Every participant is responsible for conducting themselves in a manner which encourages others to share and pursue what they love and learn new skills from peers of all ages and backgrounds in a safe and supportive environment. Here are a few obvious things that will not be tolerated during our events and activities: • Sexual harassment. • Hate speech that singles out gender, sexual orientation, faith, or ethnicity. • Physical abuse of any kind, including damage and mistreatment of the facilities. • Attending the event with no effort to participate and or create something (ie, you want to sell or promote something with little or no emphasis on actually making or sharing a skill while you're there). -------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH In between meetups, Rogue Hack Lab members primarily communicate through a platform called Slack. You can add yourself to our Slack by visiting our website at and clicking on the Slack widget in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and you'll be automatically approved to join. You can access Slack on the web or download the Slack app for your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Once you've downloaded the Slack app, you should browse the various channels and subscribe to the ones that fit your interests. When activity occurs in the channels you subscribe to, the app will let you know. This way, you're only opting into what actually interests you. Please feel free to contribute relevant links or comment. If you don't see a Slack channel that fits your current interests, let us know. We'd be happy to add a channel that does fit your interests or expertise.

Medford Library

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