What we're about

Welcome to Rogue Stitchers! We are pleased to have you join our diverse collective of fiber artists.

Rogue Stitchers is a collective of fiber artists located in Southern Oregon. We are unified in our shared love of fiber arts and our geographic proximity to the Rogue River and the Rogue River Valley. We are diverse in our chosen crafts and our group includes, but is not limited to people who enjoy: knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, embroidery, hand spinning, hand sewing, and hand quilting.

Our purpose is to promote continuing engagement in fiber arts traditions, increase social exposure to fiber arts, to enjoy the company of fellow stitchers and to have fun.

We are diverse in our chosen crafts. We are also diverse in race, ethnicity, sex, gender, orientation, physical ability, religion and politics. We honor and respect these differences. We acknowledge that our differences provide us the opportunity to learn from each other, to exchange artistic ideas and to grow in skill and knowledge of handcraft techniques.

Rogue Stitches is built on a Feminist Organization Model. It is not required for members to identify as feminists to work within this model, nor do we hold the expectation that members will identify as feminists. We utilize this model for the benefits that it provides in honoring members voices and ideas, as well as promoting equity within a structured group setting. All voices and ideas are relevant and will be heard. All members are encouraged to participate in the ongoing care of this group and in planning group events. Rogue Stitchers has administrators and group organizers who will attend to the administrative tasks for this site and other social media sites, as well as ensuring that all members are able to meet group expectations.

Community Engagement

Rogue Stitchers is a community driven group. In order to maintain active community participation, and to manage the cost of the site, membership is open to stitchers who are active on the site at least once a month. Members who have not logged in for two consecutive months may be removed from the group.

Membership Expectations

1. Be Excellent to each other! We are here because of our shared love of fiber arts. Please remember this when communicating with other group members. It's very easy to say unkind things over the internet. It's much more difficult to remedy the hurt caused by unkind words.

2. Follow the Platinum Rule - treat others the way they want to be treated.

3. Tread Lightly With Topics that Evoke Strong Emotions. Group administrators do not want to censor opinions and ideas. However, content may be deleted and members may be asked to leave the group if they use language that is deemed to be intentionally incendiary, or that could be considered hate speech.

4. All Members May Organize Events. It is highly encouraged that events be held in public spaces. All events held in publics spaces must be made available to all group members. Limits for participation may be set due to occupancy restrictions. Exceptions may be made if including a group member would constitute a dual relationship for a member who is bound to a professional code that prohibits dual relationships. Please contact an administrator or group organizer for assistance with scheduling an event.

5. Group members are encouraged, but not required to, assist other members in increasing their fiber arts skills and learning more about handcrafts. Members of all skills levels are welcome at all events. Assistance with projects may or may not be available depending on which members are present at events.

6. We honor each person's right to self-determination. Members may come and go from the group as they please, unless they are removed by an administrator for violating group expectations. Members may chose to make what they like, with the materials that they like and for whom they like. We support all members in progressing in their chosen crafts in a way that works best for them.

7. Have Fun! The underlying assumption for this group is that members find enjoyment from their involvement in fiber arts and that working together in social settings will enhance the fiber arts experience. Get to know each other and enjoy your time together.

Financial Stuff

Rogue Stitchers does not collect dues or membership fees. Our meetup group does cost money to keep running. Members are welcome, but not expected, to donate to the cost of the site.

Social Media

Rogue Stitchers can be found on the internet in the following locations:

Ravelry: Rogue Stitchers on Ravelry (https://www.ravelry.com/groups/rogue-stitchers)

Facebook: Rogue Stitchers on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2230951950452959/?ref=group_browse_new)

Instagram: Rogue Stitchers on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/roguestitchers/)

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Socially distanced social stitching

Bear Creek Park

Meet near the covered tables for social stitching. Scheduled earlier in the day this Saturday to accommodate for larger groups using the space for parties.

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Socially Distanced Social Knitting

Bear Creek Park

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