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Rogue Thought's purpose is to gather a small group of mentally curious and engaging people in and around Youngstown to discuss various intellectual subjects. I have not planned this to be a large scale discussion group; instead it is to be a gathering of the interested few who choose to participate. Topics can include (but are not limited to) any of the following: philosophy, economics, history, science, political theory and religion.

This group is open to anyone who might be interested. I just ask that you have a genuinely open mind, are not thin skinned, and can hear opposing views without becoming "triggered."

The meetups are planned to be of a casual nature. I am most likely going to hold them at a local restaurant, pub, or outdoors if weather permits, although I am open to other suggestions.

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In Search of Justice

Needs a location

A continuation of the conversation on the subject of Justice. If you did not make it to July's meeting you are more than welcome to attend. It being the first meeting in over a year, we barely got around to scratching the surface of the topic.

Seeing how Justice is, to put it succinctly, the act of giving each man his due, we shall try to hash out what that looks like in everyday life, the principles guiding those actions, and how they can be best achieved.

The location will be announced in a forthcoming update. It will be held in the immediate Youngstown area.

Two Cents and a Brew - The Trolley Question

The Casual Pint Youngstown

Another casual get together at The Casual Pint in uptown Boardman, but this time we're delving into the world of pop philosophy with one of the most famous thought experiments ever devised... The Trolley Problem.

To quote Merriam-Webster: Trolley problem is the name given to a thought experiment in philosophy and psychology. It has sprouted a number of variations, but is distilled to something like this: you are riding in a trolley without functioning brakes, headed toward a switch in the tracks. On the current track stand five people who stand to be killed if the trolley continues on its path. You have access to a switch that would make the trolley change to the other track, but another individual stands there. That person is certain to be killed if the switch is activated.

So do you switch tracks or not?

I'm curious to know what you think.

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In Search of Justice

Tj's Restaurant & Lounge

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