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Stay updated on the latest events at the Roland Inspiration Centre in Toronto! We host a variety of free events ranging from gear demos to workshops, performances and networking events. Follow us here or check out Roland Inspiration Centre page for more info: http://facebook.com/rolandinspirationcentreca




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Piano Workshop w/ Jeremy Ledbetter

Roland Inspiration Centre

https://www.facebook.com/events/619734148453023/ This clinic is about taking familiar harmonic elements like triads and arpeggios and breaking down simple and effective ways to get a whole lot more out of them. It teaches you how to turn a simple pop song into something much more advanced. Canadian pianist, bandleader, and composer Jeremy Ledbetter is an engaging and fiery performer whose music knows no boundaries. Ledbetter is the leader of the renowned world jazz outfit CaneFire, and producer/arranger for some of Canada’s most unique artists on the cutting edge of jazz and world music. Ledbetter features prominently in Canada’s jazz and world music scenes, performing regularly with Alexis Baro, Eliana Cuevas, CaneFire, and Mark Kelso’s Jazz Exiles, among others. Jeremy has also worked alongside Trinidadian calypso legend David Rudder for 15 years as his musical director and producer. Ledbetter’s newest project, the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio, features his unique sound at the piano alongside fellow Canadian jazz heavyweights Rich Brown and Larnell Lewis. Look out for the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio’s debut album coming in early 2018. http://www.jeremyledbetter.com/

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Songwriters' Circle with Blair Packham and Luke McMaster

Roland Inspiration Centre

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