Event organizer


San Diego, CA

Joined group

Oct 20, 2018


Human Male. 30 years old. INTJ personality and pretty easy to get along with.

How often would you like to play an RPG?

Weekly sessions.

What are your favorite RPG systems (or are you new to roleplaying games)?

Started with D&D 5e three years ago and exploring other RPGs that are more role-playing than roll playing. Currently reading Forbidden Lands.

Are you looking for a new RPG group to play with?

Yes, the group is looking to add a few more players.

Are you interested in the meetup oneshot games, events and conventions?


Would you be willing to run (GM/DM) or host a game?

I enjoy playing RPGs the most as the Game Master. My experience is not at the level of Critical Role or other popular groups, but I do my best to keep my players engaged and make sure everyone is having a great time. I definitely prioritize the RP and gaming experience over the game's rules.