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Do you like Italy, and Rome? This is the right group for you! Here you can find events related to excursions in Rome, food and wine tasting, hiking and walking around the italian capital, and trips in the countryside, in search of typical food and historical tradition of Italy! Join us, italian lover! We are waiting for you!

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Ring of the Mole of Oriolo and AGRICULTURAL FAIR in Villa Altieri!

Stazione Ferroviaria di Oriolo


Dear explorers, we're very proud to propose to you a very special trip for the first time! One of the best things about Italy is the feeling that most of it is still undiscovered. Of course, there are the tourist must-sees , but what about ‘real’ Italy, the off-the-beaten track Italy? There’s always more to see. This time we discover the Parco della Mola, near Oriolo Romano, where we travel along an ancient Roman road, we cross the river Mignone, an ancient Roman bridge, we pass over a solfatara and many other natural wonders! WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE AND TO DO Hiking around the Mole of Oriolo This part of Sabatini Mountains preserves its agricultural traditions, as well as entire portions of land without city centers or large roads or railway arteries. The Etruscans knew this land very well and lived and dug it for their settlements, such as vestiges are still scattered here and there. Our route starts from Oriolo train station. We walk for 300 on a paved road to reach a dirt road through cultivated areas, grazing animals and small woods. Then we cross a river to continue on a path that passes through meadows of thousand flowers of different colors and small shady groves along the river. This landscape will accompany us up to the very centre of a natural environments Site of Community Importance. In this area we find the remains of a mill built in 1573 near the river Mignone, a sulphurous polla, and the remains of a dam on the river from which flows a beautiful waterfall that gives rise to a small lake. We have lunch there and visit the heart of the park, then we take a new path inside a wood of coppice that lead us to cross an elevated area between meadows and groves and wide views of the verdant surrounding countryside, until returning to the initial stretch. Agricultural Fair After having crossed fields, we arrive to Villa Altieri, a splendid setting, where we find the AGRICULTURAL FAIR of Oriolo. We can walk among the exhibits of typical products and food stands. We can admire equestrian shows, do wine and oil tastings, see dog shows and musical performances... compatible with available time:-) After the visit to the fair we easily move along the main road of the village to the station to take the train back to Rome PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.10 : Meeting at Oriolo train station. - 10.30 : Excursion to the Mole of Oriolo - 13.30 : Break for lunch - 16.00: Agricultural Fair - 17.30 : Back to Rome IMPORTAN NOTICE - trekking shoes are mandatory! - bring your own sandwiches for this day hike. Bring also water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk - bring a raincoat...just in case;-) DETAILS OF THE HIKING Difficulty: easy level Differenze in height : 250 m. Length: 14 km Duration : 7 Hours (with stops) Guide name: Daniela Boccassino COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs 16€, and includes natural hiking for the full day. HOW TO REACH THE MEETING POINT TO GO Take the train at 8.52 from Ostiense Station or 8.56 from Trastevere Station to Oriolo. Get off at Oriolo train station at 10.10 We wait just out of the station. TO COME BACK 17.26 or 18.54 (depends on the time of the arrival) - From Oriolo take the train to Roma Trastevere /Roma Ostiense Stay tuned, and don't lose time:-) THE SPOTS ARE LIMITED!


Hi to all, dear Explorers! We are organizing a great trip for June, when summer is just approaching, and spring is at the top! Do you wanna feel the fantastic smell of blooming flowers and be impressed by the blue color of the see? Do you wanna be amazed by the jewel of the villages of Liguria and by the incredible scenario of the east coast of Italy? So, what other perfect period to go out for a fantastic weekend in the amazing land of Liguria? A land made of picturesque towns, perched along the rugged cliffside of the Italian Riviera, overlooking the sea and linked by a series of ancient footpaths, famed for their incredible beauty!!! The steep landscape of the villages is backed by terraced olives groves and vineyards leading up to cliffs. You will find colorful terraces, steep winding streets, fresh produce and wine, sweet elderly men whistling, and some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen over the sea. Levanto The city of Levanto is located a few kilometers from the famous Cinque Terre, as to be called “the door of the Cinque Terre .” The proximity to the five villages of ligurian tourism paradise, gives it a similar geography, a coast overhanging the sea with terraces planted with olive trees, lemon trees and vineyards and the characteristic dry stone walls. Portofino An ancient and sophisticated village overlooking a sea of ​​indescribable beauty: this is Portofino, an Italian gem long-frequented by prominent personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture and finance. The brightly-colored houses are stacked one close to the other, as though they were the tiles in a precious mosaic; they rest at the foot of the promontory and plunged in lush vegetation. The famous "Piazzetta" nestles in a small nook along the coast: the heart of fashionable Portofino, it overlooks the picturesque harbor, populated by small fishing boats and luxurious yachts. Camogli A sea village that arose around the harbour where today tourist boats and fishing-boats berth. In Camogli the protagonist is the sea, always present in any activity and event. You will be spellbound by the beauty of the façades painted with pastel colors! These buildings close off the sea promenade. Nearby is the harbour from which steamboats depart for splendid sea trips! Santa Margherita Ligure "Santa" is a famous and popular tourist destination of the eastern Riviera of Liguria. Known in Roman times under the name of Portus Pixinum, since the Middle Ages it was divided into townships (the main ones being Pescino and Court) often separated by lively fights. Its rise as an international tourist resort began in the 1900s with the construction of large luxury hotels of great prestige. It is a real jewel that will surprise you! PROGRAM OF THE TRIP Day 1: Friday the 7th of June We wait for you out of Levanto train station, for the check in Hotel 20.30: Dinner in Levanto Overnight in Levanto Day 2: Saturday the 8th of June 07.30: Breakfast 08.11: Train to Camogli 09:30: Starting of excursion "The promontory of Portofino" 13.00: Packed lunch 16.00: End of the hiking in Portofino (visit of the town) 17.00: Coastal ferry to Santa Margherita Ligure - short visit of the town (and great view from the boat!) 18:00: Train to Levanto 20.00: Dinner in Levanto Overnight in Levanto Day 3: Sunday the 9th of June 08:30: Breakfast 09:30: Start of the hiking "The ring of Punta Mesco" 12.30: Packed lunch 15.00: End of the hiking in Levanto. Free time. Relax on the beach, swimming and drinking something fresh:-) Then collecting the luggages:-( 17.05 or 17.27: Train to La Spezia (arriving at La Spezia station at 17.35 or 18.00) 18.16: Train to Rome (from La Spezia Station) WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO First day hiking - "The promontory of Portofino" After a short walk along the fantastic seafront of Camogli, we climb up to the church of San Rocco where there is a wonderful view of the Golfo Paradiso up to Genoa and beyond. Then the path crosses a beautiful shaded wood. We pass through it to reach the picturesque village of "Pietre Strette", where we cam admire imposing rocks. We have the lunch break here, next to drinking fountains, in the shade of the mountain. Then we proceed walking towards the sea, and the vegetation changes as we lose altitude. We can see the beautiful bay of San Fruttuoso from above, right below us. We go on up to Base O, panoramic point and old military post. Then the path continues always overlooking the sea with amazing panoramic views, until we reach the fascinating village of Portofino. Hiking details Departure: Camogli Arrival: Portofino Duration: 6 hours Length: 13 Km Difficulty: High Difference in altitude: 600 m. Second day hiking - "The ring of Punta Mesco" The second hike starts from Levanto! We leave from the historic center of the town, passing by the old medieval walls of Levanto. Then we go up a very nice path to the Sella of Bagari, where we find a peculiar vegetation on "green" rocks. From there we keep on walking on the ridge up to the top of the Mesco promontory. We reach an exposed point, where we can enjoy an amazing view over the Cinque Terre, and can still see the remains of the old church of Sant'Antonio. We have our pic nic break, and begin to descend after lunch. During the descent on the sea side path we first pass through the Mediterranean scrub, then in a holm oak forest till we arrive near the castle of Levanto and the seaside promenade. Hiking details Departure: Levanto Arrival: Levanto Duration: 5 hours Length: 11 km Difficulty: Medium Difference in altitude: 520 m. IMPORTANT NOTICE AND EQUIPMENT - the hikings are medium/high level of difficulty - trekking shoes are MANDATORY - don't forget camera, sunglasses, hat and sun cream...and the swimsuit!!! - if you are vegetarian or you suffer from food allergy/intolerance, please let us know in advance COSTS: The share of the 3 days is € 280 per person and includes: - 2 nights in hotel in Levanto: double rooms or twin rooms with private bathroom single room on request (limited availability)- 20 € plus - 2 breakfasts - 2 dinners - 2 packed lunch - English guide for 2 full days hiking and touristic visit of the villages All the transfers, that means: - Trains tickets for the 3 days - Boat trip from Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure Not included: - Travel (train or car) to go and back from Rome to Levanto HOW TO GET THERE BY TRAIN First option Frecciabianca, train number[masked]:57 from Roma Termini station 15:44 arrival in La Spezia station Price ticket: 29,90 € Second option Frecciabianca, train number[masked]:57 from Roma Termini station 17:44 arrival in La Spezia station Price ticket: 29,90 € Then take the train from La Spezia to Levanto (every max 20 minutes) To come back - Unique option From La Spezia to Rome: Frecciabianca, train number[masked]:16 form La Spezia Central Station 22:03 arrival in Roma Termini station Price ticket: 29,90 € BY CAR If you're coming by car, the journey is nearly 300 miles, primarily on motorways, and it takes about 4 hours. You can take the A-12 highway in the direction of Livorno-Genova, exit La Spezia. You can park the car next to the train station and take the train to Levanto. MEETING POINT 1st meeting : From 16.00 to 16.45 at Levanto station 2nd meeting: From 18.00 to 18.45 at Levanto station We wait for you just outside of the station with the signboard of Rome Explorers SAVE THE DATE, EXPLORERS! The spots are limited!!!

Amazing hiking to Monte Soratte and visit of San Silvestro Eremo!

Dear explorers, we're very proud to propose to you a very special trip, after the incredible success of the previous time! One of the best things about Italy is the feeling that most of it is still undiscovered. Of course, there are the tourist must-sees , but what about ‘real’ Italy, the off-the-beaten track Italy? There’s always more to see. Approximately 40km north of Rome, combining nature, history and art, there is Monte Soratte, one of the hidden jewel of Italy! Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe mentioned the peak of Monte Soratte in Italian Journey, his diary of his travels through Italy from 1786–1788. He wrote that "Soracte stands out by itself in magnificent solitude. Probably this mountain is made of limestone and belongs to the Apennines." WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE Monte Soratte hiking Rising to 691m, Monte Soratte can feel cut off from the rest of the world. The majority of Monte Soratte is a natural reserve, cloaked in deciluous trees and steep ravines. It also is home to Meri, which are sinkholes or pits, which can be up to 115 meters deep. There are a number of walks around or up the mountain, which are rewarded with great views. There’s also a monastery and the ruins of two churches, that are mentioned by Dante in Divina Commedia! The Eremo off San Silvestro The Church / hermitage of San Silvestro is located on the same site where the temple of Apollo Soranus was located, as far back as the 6th century. Silvestro took refuge in this church (later to become Pope Silvestro I), after having fled from Rome for the persecutions by Constantine. According to legend, Sylvester was recalled to Rome by the same emperor because he was sick with leprosy, Silvestro would have healed him, baptized him and converted him. The primitive church was destroyed by barbarian raids and later restored in 747 by Carlomagno. Inside there are valuable frescoes of the '200 and' 400. PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.00 : Meeting at Sant'Oreste train station. - 10.30 : Excursion in the natural reserve of Monte Soratte, with the visit of Eremo of San Silvestro - 13.30 : We will have a break at the top of Monte Soratte, to eat and have a rest looking the incredible scenario of the landscape - 17. 00 : Going back to Sant'Oreste train station, and all back home! IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring your own sandwiches for this day hike. Bring also plenty of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk - trekking shoes are mandatory! DETAILS OF THE HIKING Difficulty: medium-high level Differenze in height : 450 m. Length: 14 km Duration : 7 Hours (with stops) Guide name: William Sersanti COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs 20 €, and includes: - natural guide for the hiking to Monte Soratte - guided visit of San Silvestro - the shuttle bus (with private cars) from Sant'Oreste station to Monte Soratte and back to the station. HOW TO REACH THE MEETING POINT TO GO 8.21 - From Flaminio station (next to Metro A line stop) , take the train of Ferrovia Roma Nord to Montebello. Get off at Montebello station 9.06 - From Montebello station take the train of Ferrovia Roma Nord to Viterbo 9.58 - Get off at Sant'Oreste station TO COME BACK 17.40 or 18.46 (depends on the time of the arrival) - From Sant'Oreste take the train to Montebello From Montebello station take the train to Rome Flaminio Station (every 10 minutes) Stay tuned, and don't lose time:-) THE SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

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