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Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is the theme for this business women’s lunch. If you are an atypical business woman who is tired of the 'typical' networking group for women and have a sense of humor, we would love to have you join our meetup. This meetup is for successful business women who are out of the box thinkers, eternally entreprenuerial (because you have been labeled psychologically unemployable due to some bossy tendencies) and may be on a diet on Gummy bears , Jelly beans & Candy corns (and Starbucks). We encourage all ages to join as long as you are willing to watch the movie prior to coming to the meetup, laugh, be yourself (or make up a career like ‘the creator of Post-its), be willing to make new friends and shake off the old toxic ones. Excellent business tips from Romi and Michele: 1. Everyone needs a sassy friend who loves to fold stuff and says YES a lot. 2. Blondes can look hot even when the black roots show 3. You can grow out of your childhood strongholds like back braces and grow up to be hot and have perfect posture. 4. Always be cautious of a guy in an Armani suit. He may be a suit salesman. 5. Don’t give a f—k about what other people think 6. Don’t let dismissive sales people in designer shops in Beverly Hills look down at you past their noses. 7. You don’t have to have sex with someone or give sexual favors to get a good car. 8. Business women’s specials do not exist in reality. Just order a burger. 9. Wearing a little black skirt with a blonde French twist is a power suit that should be in your wardrobe. 10. Don’t attend any meeting or function unless your intention is to impress and leave with people talking about you. 11. Sometimes the guy in the dark with the hat lurking in the shadows and smoking with a speech impediment could be the man of your dreams. 12. There is always someone looking up to you even when you feel you are being looked down upon.

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