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Board of Supervisors meeting – Come get on TV for a good cause!
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors meets every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. at City Hall (corner of Polk and Grove) in Room 250, the main chamber on the second floor (from the Polk street entrance, just walk straight back across the rotunda and up the big stairway, and it's the room directly behind the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor). ======================================================== Among the items on the agenda for this week's meeting – : • (Item 8) Non-Standard Vehicle Permits (Municipal Transportation Agency) - If future generations someday wonder how San Francisco lost its unique quirkiness and began to morph into just another soulless metropolis, they may look at regulations like this one, an "Ordinance amending the Transportation Code to prohibit Non-Standard Vehicles from operating without a permit". Don't you dare be non-conformist without our permission! (And pay us a fee, of course!) • (Item 13) Mayoral "Question Time" (Supervisors Peskin, Ronen) – The intriguing description of this item is that it would is that it would "modify the process for the Mayor to appear at the Board of Supervisors for a question-and-answer session". Since a couple of the leftist Supes are the sponsors, the mayor whom it would immediately affect is a moderate, and another moderate Supe (Stefani) dissented, it would presumably change the rules to increase mayoral accountability, so probably a positive (if cynically political) change! • (Items 14-33) A whole slew of "Memorandums of Understanding" with various unions, to implement a "Union Access to New Employees" program (Mayor's office). This could be inconsequential and benign, or it could be something that would greatly strengthen the power of government employee unions; hard to say from the descriptions • (Items 34-36) Receiving and approving the annual reports of the "Community Benefit Districts" in the Yerba Buena Gardens, Union Square, and Castro areas. CBDs are mechanisms whereby the majority of merchants in an area vote to impose new taxes on themselves as well as on an unwilling minority, for purposes of street cleaning, security, and like services which the city government is failing to provide with the ample tax monies it already steals. • (Item 39) Temporary suspension of business registration & fee requirements for taxi and rideshare drivers (Supervisor Peskin). Who knows what the reasoning behind this one is, but any break on registration and extortion requirements sounds like a good thing. (Items 41-44) The Visitacion Valley Planning Alliance is seeking to block or delay a new development of five homes to replace an existing church building at 590 Leland Avenue by requiring them to submit to an environmental review under the CEQA law. Because they can! ======================================================== If you've never been inside SF City Hall, you should come just for the architecture. It's one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in the city. Sadly, and more relevantly from a libertarian perspective, it's also a place where a lot of harm is caused, and where our influence on the legislative process is desperately needed! Virtually every Board meeting has lots of opportunities for public comment – I believe the Supervisors are required to take public comment on any item that they debate or intend to vote on, and there's also time for general comments on any other matter under their jurisdiction but not on the agenda. For each comment, you usually get up to two minutes. In addition to speaking, you can also bring printed material of size 8.5" x 11" or smaller to put on the overhead projector during your comments. All the Board meetings, including all the public comments, are video-recorded and broadcast on Channel 26, also online at Here's a clip of some public comments from the most recent Board meeting on Sept. 4, 2017, in which you can see yours truly take the Supervisors to task and suggest they respond directly on the record to questions from the public! (I'm the 5th speaker, at around 4:01:40): Note the 2nd and 4th speakers use the overhead projector option; the 4th speaker spins a top on a map. :-) There are definitely some characters (check out the 7th speaker). Some people have used public comment time to sing, or do other performance art! You could probably even use your time to read a passage from a pro-freedom book, e.g. George Orwell's "1984", as long as you somehow relate it to city policy, e.g. "This is what the city government's policy of putting cameras on Muni buses reminds me of..." Anyway, this Meetup, which will recur every Tuesday when the Board is in session, is your chance to be a minor TV star for a good cause! (I've actually had somebody come up to me on the street and say they recognized me from public comment at a Board meeting!) The Supervisors may or may not listen to you, but your libertarian views will be on the record, and numerous people both in the chambers, live on TV, and later online, will see you. (Note that you're not obliged to give your name or any other personal info unless you want to, and you don't even have to give any public comment unless you feel like it – being there for moral support of those who do, while educating yourself about local politics, is okay too. You could educate others too, by sitting there in the audience and liveblogging on Twitter or something!) If you plan to come, text me at (415) 625-FREE so you can connect with any other Libertarians showing up that day. Depending what's on the agenda and how long the meeting goes, or how long we feel like staying – Board meetings can last only an hour or two, or up to 7 hours or more – we may go out for dinner or drinks afterward!

San Francisco City Hall

Board of Supervisors chamber, Room 250, City Hall (corner of Polk & Grove) · San Francisco, CA

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