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As we face energy, climate and economic challenges, permaculture offers one of the best "tool kits" for moving in a positive and productive direction: resilient communities full of creative abundance. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, there is some part of permaculture that will make sense for your life and your relationship to the landscape where you live and work. Join us in exploring the possibilities!

We cover topics such as (but not limited to) edible landscapes, gardening, farming, regenerative practices, renewable energy, green building, local currency, rainwater harvesting, composting, mushrooms, local food, forest gardening, herbalism, "green" living, sustainable economic systems, conservation, community-building, relocalization, transition towns, and more!

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Moving Towards Zero Waste in Ulster County: Resolution 242

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Manna Jo Greene, Ulster County legislator serving District 19, will speak about Resolution 242 which is moving Ulster County towards a zero waste future. She will explain the Ulster County Zero Waste Implementation Plan that hopefully will become an amendment to the Ulster County Local Solid Waste Management Plan. Achieving zero waste includes planning for maximum diversion. About 80% of the waste stream can be reduced, reused, repaired, recycled, composted or otherwise diverted. Recently, a contractor has been hired to put all of the existing research together into one comprehensive document, which will then go through a very iterative process to seek and incorporate a wide range of stakeholder input.

Closing the waste loop is a basic tenet of permaculture and supporting this initiative and moving it forward would make Ulster County a model for other counties, nationwide. This is a pivotal time to move forward and makes sense economically as well as environmentally.

Manna Jo will also touch on a Reuse Innovation Center that is planned as part of this process, for which a feasibility study is already underway. Greene, renowned for her work to protect and improve the environment, has been Clearwater’s Environmental Action Director since 2000, and was formerly the Recycling Coordinator/Educator for the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency for more than 10 years. A registered Critical Care Nurse for 22 years, she holds an AAS in Nursing, a BA in biology (pre-med) from SUNY/New Paltz, and completed course work toward a Masters in Environmental Sciences at Bard College. A lifelong environmental professional and community activist, Manna avidly supports collaborative land use planning and problem solving. Working to promote sustainable agriculture and green building and landscaping practices, the transition to a renewable energy economy and other climate solutions. Manna teaches communities how to integrate environmental preservation, economic prosperity (based on quality of life indicators), and social equity using effective communication. Manna also serves as Ulster County Legislator from District 19, Towns of Rosendale and Marbletown, promoting environmental preservation, economic prosperity (based on quality of life indicators), and social equity using effective communication.

If time allows, Claudia Joseph, NYBG Compost educator will present information on mid-scale compost systems for community use as well as sheet mulch techniques; a permaculture method that utilizes organic waste material for bed enrichment, no-till gardening and perennial planting.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can set the room appropriately. If you are already working on zero waste solutions, you are encouraged to bring information to share at this event. this event. Everyone is Welcome!

Food Preservation Show & Tell and Indoor Plant Swap

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Throughout the harvest season we prepare and preserve food for winter storage. Drying, fermenting, freezing, canning, pickling, smoking and root cellars are some of the methods used. We will have a short review of these techniques and then members will share the methods that have worked best for them. Bring a sample product to show and talk about.

Stacking functions as only permaculture can, we will simultaneously set up a table for an indoor plants to swap. Of special interest are edible and medicinal plants we can bring inside for winter use. It is always wonderful to have some greenery in the house during the grey winter months and most people with house plants can easily propagate more.

Everyone is Welcome!

Gift or Barter Handmade Products and Crafts

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Local systems of gift and barter are standard practice in permaculture communities. Our local economy is strengthened by locally produced items for sale, as well. We ask that participants offer only items they have crafted themselves that are compatible with permaculture principles. There will be a pre-registration process so that we may properly set up the room for the event. Contact: [masked] for more details.

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Online Permaculture Design Certification Starts Sept 24th

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