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"How do I relate to a God who I'm never quite sure is there?"

In one sense, it’s the question that never goes away. It’s the question of people who doubt the value of faith. But it’s also the question faced nearly every day by most Christians, as high expectations slam against the reality of personal weaknesses, unwelcome surprises, and what often feels like the absence of God.

Launched in August '18, Room for Doubt is a monthly meetup to explore the beauty and richness and, at the same time, the mystery and anguish of grasping for the Christian God.

Each forum begins with the introduction of a theme from Drew Sokol, a former pastor at megachurches in New York and L.A., who left his career largely due to the conflict he experienced in his own faith journey. Each introduction explores the collision of Christian ideals with lived experience, as themes range from doubt to depression to love and politics.

Those introductions then flow into a performance of the evening, ranging from music to dance to theatre. Each forum features different performer(s) and are presented in the context of the authentic, powerful stories of the artists themselves.

A core belief of Room for Doubt is that general knowledge is helpful, arguments sharpen our minds, but powerful stories shape us.

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