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More Conditioning! Linnton Park & BPA - 12 miles
Let's head for Linnton Park and head for some trails. This hike will also include Wildwood trail and the BPA. I'm shooting for a 12 mile hike but can return to the trailhead at about the half way point for those that need to leave early. This is a hike for those who are all warmed up for the season and don't mind huffing and puffing - we are doing some climbing here and it isn't all rolling hills! Not for the beginner or faint of heart but it isn't the most difficult we have done either. What a reward! Start/End point: Linnton Park trailhead 45.306583, -121.791414 Distance: 12 miles Total Elevation gain: 2230 feet. High Point: 991 feet Difficulty: Strenuous due to length Speed: 3.25 MPH Parking is limited at the trailhead however there is parking along HWY 30 near by between NW 107th Ave. and NW 112th Ave. TO BRING: YOU! glorious hiker person you – dying to hit the trails and laugh, talk, sweat and enjoy in a group of like minded Wanderers… And yes, you should always bring a backpack with whatever you need to be safe, clothing, water and food appropriate to the outing as described. NOT TO BRING: Anything with a heartbeat other than yours (including but not limited to DOGS big ones, small ones, rescue ones, leashed ones, wild ones, pink ones, green ones….KIDS baby ones, pack ones, surly teenager ones, niece ones, sling ones…GUESTS neighbor ones, visiting relative ones, non meet-up Wanderer, not registered on this hike, ones… AS ALWAYS: · We combine enjoyment of the trail with respect for everyone’s time. A steady pace and we just keep going! If you are in the lead you will end up waiting at trail junctions. If you are in the back you will be asked to do your best to keep up with the group and at waiting points the group may move on as soon as you are within sight. Our pace averages 3.25 mph. We do get separated from time to time as everyone walks their own pace but please bear in mind that you will need to be able to stay within a reasonable distance from the group. Make sure this is something you are prepared for and would enjoy. · Please always check your email the night before just in case there are any necessary adjustments to the hike details. Cancellations or any adjustments will be posted by 10:00 pm the previous evening. · RSVP etiquette must be followed. Only RSVP when you can commit to attend. If you are on the waiting list and realize you no longer can make it, please take the time to change your RSVP as soon as you are sure. Once you have RSVP'd if you have an emergency that means you have to cancel please change your RSVP by 5:00 pm the prior day. This will avoid a "no-show" reflecting on your participation history. Over 3 "no-shows" might mean we have to excuse you from the group. We try very hard to respect each other in this group. · Give yourself time to find the trail head and/or car pool location so that you arrive prior to the scheduled time. The posted time is NOT meet time, it is the time we head out on the trail/road. It would be disappointing to miss having you on the hike due to late arrival. You will be left behind if you are not ready to head out at the hike start time. · Wear comfortable hiking shoes with good rugged soles that are well broken in. CAR POOL: None WHEN HIKE IS FULL: A popular hike is a double edged sword - wonderful to have many who want to do it and disappointing to see that a spot is not guaranteed. Please do join the waiting list as the final attendees turn out to be quite different as the hike date gets closer - you have a very good chance of getting in if you rsvp as soon as you know you would like to go. Please do not "crash" the hike - this is very important and will not be tolerated. This hard line is because I want to honor those who follow the guidelines and are patiently waiting for their name to be added to confirmed. Once I have an idea of how the attendance is, I can adjust group size accordingly so we have the right number of participants for us all to have a quality experience. If there are any on the wait list with more than 3 no shows, they will be dropped from the list to allow others to move up the line in respect to all of you who are careful with your RSVP etiquette. SAFETY: You all acknowledged that you would be totally responsible for yourselves when you signed up as a Wanderer - Whenever out on the trail, you are completely responsible for your safety - by no stretch of the imagination should I be seen as a trail lifeguard - I have my hands full taking care of myself! There are many internet sites that have information on how to hike safely if you feel you could benefit from advice.

Linnton Park Trailhead

45.596341, -122.784168 · Linnton, OR


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Welcome to The Wanderers hiking group in the Portland area! We are about the journey as well as the destination. We are striving to meet the hikers that fall into the middle zone...those who enjoy moderate mileage with moderate altitude gain with the occasional challenge. A group that wants to explore and constantly include new hikes while doing our favorites on a regular basis. We believe..."everything in moderation"! Enjoying our time together is a priority. We are more social than meditative and more driven by our desire to be healthy and have fun in the process rather than any kind of competitiveness. Primarily our events are physical but sometimes I'll post a purely social event if I think folks will be interested.

This does not mean that our wanders are easy, however. Our outings will normally be in the 4-12 mile range and will both challenge you and energize you. We are explorers and adventurers. On the trail, we stop and regroup on a regular basis, so if you are fast, you will need to feel comfortable waiting for the "sweeper" occasionally. We go at a moderate pace 2-2.5miles an hour depending on terrain. YES, there will be altitude gain included in almost every hike. You will need to be comfortable and happy with walking uphill (huffing and puffing is okay - as long as you can keep moving). And you do need to be steady on your feet for the downhills. We stop briefly to keep the group together from time to time but we keep going with the exception of our lunch/snack break when we totally relax and enjoy the view from wherever we are. Untold goodies tend to emerge from backpacks - chocolate, wine, homemade brownies, succulent oranges name it, you will probably see it...

I'm not a professional hiker or guide but I'm CRAZY about exploring the area trails. I mostly share those I know well and if I have not been on a trail for a while, I'll let you know it is "exploratory" so you will know what kind of adventure you have signed up for. I don't have specialized training in first aid so I need to hold everyone completely responsible for their own safety and well-being. What I do have is a love of people and the outdoors and a desire to be there - whenever possible.

Rose City Wanderers has become a wonderful community of positive, fun people who share a passion for the outdoors and enjoy sharing it.

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