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Welcome to rose city furmeet, the purpose of this group is to get some furries in the area to have meets and make new friends. this group is set up in such a way that you as a member reserve the right to post up things and events you wish to do as a group, from just having lunch at a restaurant all the way to planning a Camping trip for a few days!

My Partner and I take pride in keeping this group active and minimizing the negativity such as; Local drama or trolling that seem to keep people who want to get out there and meet others with similar interests that they have away from the local scene, in which they end up missing out on meeting some decent people out there that are better than that...

We know it wont be a perfect utopia....things happen as do misunderstandings... but you can take comfort into knowing we will be on top of any issues that may arise as soon as we notice it.

All we ask in this group is to treat others in this group with the same respect you would like to be given. Please Help us to help you keep this going and fruitful with events!

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hi all. i know this isnt the place for announcements but bear with me cause people seem to neglect the forums. anywho i wanted to announce some ideas that will be happening in the near future and also get ideas from all of you so that we can get more going on in this group than just the female furmeet and the monthly art jam. anyway serena has been talking to a karaoke place and we have gotten the ok for a furaoke down there they even were so fond of the idea of seening people in fursuits and stuff they wanted ideas for furry themed drinks. other things id like to get going is more fursuit walks in downtown since the weather has been so nice lately and there isnt much chance for wet furries. id also like to see what people would think of game nights happening at some time such as either board games card games and even video games. with that said id like to get movie nights going as well. darkk also suggested for skating and such at oaks which sounds killer. so there are my ideas im looking for peoples opinions and suggestions for what we can do in our group. so dont be afraid to post an idea or share your thoughts

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I notice not alot of people check that page out anymore, but since the revamp I am strongly encouraging everyone to use it! If not just to see the latest happenings, but to share your experiences with past meetups to help new comers see how things here pan out! To help pique their interest in future events! And to just simply get to know new people =)


Camping anyone?
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so last year, I was talking to some of my camp buddies, we all would think it would be an awesome idea if we made a large camping group of furs, we already have the place we want to use...won't happen this year most likely, but summer 2014,but my question to you, is, would you be interested? Let me know what you think.

Furry Geocache Meetup!
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If you guys remember, at the Mount Tabor park meet, a few of us furries went geocache hunting. It's basically one big treasure hunt, people hide 'caches,' usually filled with goodies and trinkets all around the world, and using a GPS, find them. So maybe it'd be fun to do that sometime soon in fursuits? They are usually in public parks, woods, etc, so we don't have to worry about the 'no masks/fursuits' rule around some places.

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