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The Pickleball group I run is INDOORS and at the beautiful Hillside Community Center in NW Portland; our program is 2 hours & costs $12 per player. We do our reservations via Meetup only; we use Playtime scheduler and 3 other ways to get our schedule out there- to notify people of this opportunity but the ONLY signup method is here, on this Meetup. 3 things that make us unique? 1st) we are in a gorgeous location & Hillside is a warm indoor facility (we only play indoors). 2nd) we have 2nets & we take an exact# of people (12) and all participants prepay (w/no refunds) so they will be there giving us (not too few players) and (not too many players). 3rd) we do not push 'best practices' such as commanding new players 'get to the net'; rather we want new players to show up, play a sport and go home happy and worked out (learning best practices as they go)- specifically 'get to the net' (despite it being the best way to play) for young people is boring, limiting & black/white play whereas ground strokes and some baseline play is fun, more athletic (even if- admittedly not the best practice).

This next session is only for veteran players: we do not push best practices specifically 'get to the net'. Why: despite 'get to net' being the best way to play, that style can be boring, limiting & come off as (not creative or free) whereas ground strokes & baseline play can be fun & more athletic. Veterans- help us build this sport for new people in a way that lets them have fun (new players may choose best practices over time).

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