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Welcome "relaxed pace" motorcycle riders of northern California! My name is Rhon, and I am a motorcycle rider located in Roseville who enjoys doing the following:

• All-day motorcycle rides on paved roads only

• Relaxed pace (moderately fast, but not "race track" fast)

• Scenic rural roads (very little freeway riding)

• Various one-day rides on weekdays, and sometimes on weekends

• Various multi-day trips from two days to nine days

• Fair weather riding (<10% chance of rain, low winds, high of 50-85 degrees)

• Nearly all rides occur during spring and fall

• Ride only during daylight hours

• Max group size of 30 people per ride

• Always ride safely and responsibly

If you share those same preferences, then I invite you to join my meetup group and RSVP for the rides that appeal to you.

I'm in my early 60's and I have been riding motorcycles for over 50 years. I started this meetup group in March 2014. I only do what is listed in the above bullet list. It is all about having fun touring the countryside on a motorcycle as we enjoy the scenery along the way, the lunch stops, scenic vista stops, mountain passes, lake side cruising, etc.

"RELAXED PACE" - There are *TWO* reasons I named my meetup "relaxed pace." One reason is, we don't treat the public street system as if it's a race track. So if you are one of those "need for speed" types, then you probably won't find happiness in my meetup group. We also don't ride excessively slowly either. I'd say we ride at a nice medium speed. The other reason for the name "relaxed pace" is, it's all about having a relaxed state of mind throughout the day......enjoying a "no worries, nothing bothers me, no need to rush, chilled out, relaxed-minded, life is awesome" positive attitude. It's a mental escape from hectic life which is all-too-often clock driven and rush rush. So when you are on my rides, it's time to relax and enjoy!

GROUP SIZE - I set the max limit at 30 people per ride. Any larger and it gets too difficult to keep a group together, and starts to be too much of an impact to the dining establishments. If you are interested in riding in groups larger than that, there are other motorcycle meetup groups available on the Internet that do not have limits to the size of the group.

GENERAL INFO - There are no membership fees or dues to pay of any kind. There are no monthly dinner meetings, no bylaws, no elected officers, and no participation in special events, causes, rallies, fundraisers, poker runs, chili cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, charities, benefits, or other such events. I do not have multiple "road captains" leading different groups of riders. I'm not a riding club. I'm just a guy who enjoys riding my motorcycle and I invite up to 30 riders to go with me if they want to. That's really all there is to it. The only reason I have a website is to provide a way to show other riders where I'm planning to go to help them decide if they are interested in going. And if they are interested in going, my website provides a way for them to RSVP so I know how many people to expect.

WHO IS WELCOME - All motorcycle brands and styles are welcome. Three-wheelers are welcome too. Riders of all ages are welcome. Both male and female riders are welcome. Your motorcycle must have at least a 250cc engine (although I recommend at least a 500cc engine).

WEATHER REQUIREMENTS - Since I only enjoy fair weather riding (10% or less chance of rain, low winds, forecasted high temp of 50-85 degrees), I always do weather checks during the week leading up to the ride, and I post the results of that and specify whether the ride is still a "go" or not. I also e-mail that info to those who RSVP'd for the ride. I do not hesitate to cancel or reschedule a ride if the weather forecast is less than favorable. Because of my weather requirements, nearly all of my rides occur in spring and fall. Very few, if any, happen during summer or winter.

NAVIGATION AND FUEL - My bike is equipped with a GPS, and I always have the route programmed in the GPS for ease of navigation (I'm an FAA licensed pilot and I used to fly Cessna airplanes as a hobby, so I enjoy the route planning and navigation part of it). I also make sure we have fuel stops planned no more than about a hundred miles apart (usually top tier such as Chevron, Shell, or Union 76). I always post the total mileage for each ride, along with the planned lunch stop. I do not typically list other planned stops even though they are part of the ride. I usually have stops every hour or so, just to get off the bike and stretch for a bit.

MY AVAILABILITY: I retired from work in December 2018. Since then, I host many of the one-day rides on weekdays. I also host one-day rides on weekends when my wife is busy doing something else on a weekend that doesn't involve me. See the Page entitled "The One-Day Rides" in the Pages section for more information. I also host various multi-day trips each year. Check out the Pages section for a summary of short-term and long-term multi-day trips that I have planned.

JOINING THIS MEETUP - You are welcome to sign up to become a member of this meetup any time you wish. After I review your profile and approve you as a member, you can then RSVP for rides of your choice. (Btw, the only reason I review your profile before approving you as a member is to weed out spam. Believe it or not, I have had people join for the sole purpose of soliciting business, which I prohibit on my meetup site.) There is no cost for you to become a member of this meetup group or to go on any of the rides. Your only costs are food and gas for the ride, plus any bridge tolls and National or State park entrance fees if applicable (and lodging for the multi-day trips). Once you become a member, the meetup software automatically keeps track of the date of your most recent visit to my website. As long as you visit my meetup website at least once every six months, your membership will automatically continue. If you go longer than six months without visiting my meetup website, your membership will automatically be deleted. This ensures that my meetup group remains comprised of folks who are active and interested members. If your membership gets deleted due to it being over six months since your last visit to my website, you can simply rejoin anytime you wish.

NEW MEMBERS - I extend to all new members a one-time RSVP to go on any ride that's already full. This allows new members a chance to get a feel for the group without having to wait for a ride that still has spots available. After you become a member, just send me a private message letting me know which "full" ride you want to go on, and I will add you to the RSVP list for that ride. And regarding rides being full, don't let that concern you too much. Inevitably, within the last day or two leading up to a ride, riders who had RSVP'd months prior to the ride suddenly realize they are not able to attend, and they change their RSVP from "going" to "not going." When that happens, the meetup software immediately and automatically fills those spots with riders on the waiting list for that ride, and the meetup software automatically sends a message informing the newly RSVP'd rider that they have been RSVP'd for the ride.

THE PAGES SECTION OF MY WEBSITE - Be sure to read the Pages (especially the "FAQs" and "Signs of an experienced group rider") for important information. To find the Pages section of my website, go to https://www.meetup.com/Roseville-Relaxed-Pace-Motorcycle-Riders/pages/ I include that link at the bottom of every ride description for ease of reference.

RESTRICTIONS - I do not allow any form of advertising on my meetup site, nor do I allow people to join for the purpose of soliciting business of any kind. I will delete anyone who joins my meetup site for those purposes, and I will delete anything that promotes any financial benefit to anyone or any business or organization. My meetup site is strictly for those who want to go riding. I also do not allow any form of religious or political content on my website, nor do I allow any content that would be considered offensive, crude, vulgar, foul language, fault-finding, or disrespectful to others. And I do not accept sponsors or donations of any kind.

By you choosing to join my meetup group, you accept and agree with all of the above. Also, by you choosing to ride in my meetup group, you assume full responsibility and liability for your choices and actions while riding. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Once again, welcome!


Upcoming events (5+)

"Winter Mode" mid Nov thru mid March

Needs a location

Mid November through mid March is what I call "winter mode." It's the "quiet time" as there are very few rides (if any). I don't schedule rides in advance from mid November through mid March due to the typical cold and wet weather that time of year. That's why you won't find rides posted on the calendar way in advance for the winter months like I post for the spring and fall seasons. However, that doesn't mean I won't host an occasional ride during the winter. I continue to keep an eye on the weather forecasts through the winter, and if I see a nice-weather day in the short term forecast, I might schedule a ride for that day if I am available. My weather requirements for winter rides are: • warmer than 50 degrees for most of the ride • 10% or less chance of rain • low winds • overnight low of 40 or above (to avoid morning ice on the road) Those weather requirements, combined with my limited availability during the winter, means there won't be very many winter rides (usually only a few). Because I rely on the accuracy of the short term weather forecast for winter rides, I normally don't post the rides on the calendar for RSVP'ing until a few days before the ride. That is why I always send an invitation notice to all members when I post a winter ride. That way, you don't have to keep checking my website to see if a ride got scheduled. You can just wait to receive an invitation. I keep the winter rides shorter (lower mileage) since there are fewer daylight hours that time of year. We usually leave at 9 or 10am and get back home by 3 or 4pm. Since fog is common during the winter months, I usually design the winter routes to get out of fog as soon as possible by heading to higher elevations as soon as we leave Roseville. That means going in a northeasterly or easterly direction from Roseville. I selected March 15 for the date of this notice only to force the meetup software to keep this notice posted continuously through the winter. As stated in FAQ #6 in the Pages section, I post the one-day rides for the upcoming spring and fall seasons in January of that year. The multi-day trips are already posted since those require lodging reservations. To access the "Pages" section of my website (which contains GPS files, FAQ's, and other information regarding my meetup group), go to https://www.meetup.com/Roseville-Relaxed-Pace-Motorcycle-Riders/pages/ ...Rhon.

The 2019 weekday one-day rides have been posted

Needs a location

This posting isn't a ride, it's a notice. The weekday one-day rides for the regular 2019 spring & fall riding season have been posted on the calendar for RSVP'ing. As a reminder, the weekday one-day rides are posted in January for the upcoming spring and fall season. The weekend one-day rides will be posted as we go through the year (as explained in more detail on the Page entitled The One-Day Rides). To access the "Pages" section of my website (which contains GPS files, FAQ's, and other information regarding my meetup group), go to https://www.meetup.com/Roseville-Relaxed-Pace-Motorcycle-Riders/pages/

2019 Lunch at California Organics Cafe -- Wednesday ride

Total mileage = 108 Maximum distance between fuel stops = 82 Please note the 9am start time from Roseville. Our first gas stop is 26 miles into the ride at a Union 76 station in north Auburn. That is our only gas stop for the day, so I recommend topping off at that gas station (it's another 82 miles to the end of the ride). This ride will take us along backroads to north Auburn, then more backroads to Nevada City where we will enjoy lunch at California Organics Cafe (see menu link below). I expect to arrive at the lunch place around 11:30am. After lunch, we take more backroads to our last group stop of the day at Ikeda's Pies in North Auburn. From there, for those headed back to Roseville (like me), we will take Auburn-Folsom Road to King Road to Val Verde Road to Wells Road to Rocklin Road. I expect to get back to Roseville by 4pm. Here is the menu link: http://californiaorganics.com/lunch-dinner-menu/ ALTERNATE HOOKUP LOCATION: If, due to your home location, it would be more convenient for you to hookup with the group in north Auburn that morning, you can hookup with the group at 10am at the Union 76 station located at 3960 Grass Valley Hwy in Auburn. It's located at the southeast corner of Hwy 49 and Dry Creek Road. This will be a full stop for the group (gas up, etc.) If you plan to hookup at that location, please indicate that in the comments section. So far, I have one rider (Mitch) on that plan. ************ Please remember to *BE THE MARKER* at all turning points so that we don't lose all of the riders behind you. ************ To access the "Pages" section of my website (which contains GPS files, FAQ's, and other information regarding my meetup group), go to https://www.meetup.com/Roseville-Relaxed-Pace-Motorcycle-Riders/pages/

2019 Players Pizza Pasta & More -- Friday ride


Total mileage = 116 Maximum distance between fuel stops = 40 miles Distance to first gas stop (ARCO in Linda/Marysville) = 40 miles Please note the 9am departure time from Roseville. This ride takes us on backroads to Penn Valley where we will enjoy lunch at Players Pizza Pasta & More (see menu link below). I estimate our arrival time at the lunch place around 11:15am. After lunch, we take more backroads and end up at OMG Frozen Yogurt in Rocklin. I expect to get back to Roseville by 3pm. ALTERNATE HOOKUP LOCATION: 10am at the ARCO station in the Linda/Marysville area. The address is 1129 North Beale Road, Marysville. It's at the northeast corner North Beale Road and Feather River Bl. If you plan to hookup at that location, please indicate that in the comments section. So far, I have zero riders on that plan. Here's the menu link for Players Pizza Pasta & More: http://pvplayerspizza.com/ ************ Please remember to *BE THE MARKER* at all turning points so that we don't lose all of the riders behind you. ************ To access the "Pages" section of my website (which contains GPS files, FAQ's, and other information regarding my meetup group), go to https://www.meetup.com/Roseville-Relaxed-Pace-Motorcycle-Riders/pages/

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2018 Lunch at Burger Barn (winter mode ride)


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