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Play high-level, team-oriented, competitive volleyball year-round (outdoor and indoor) in a fun, welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Our Core Values Fun Competition Sportsmanship Safety Our Standards Level of play

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We strive for ‘AA’ to ‘B’ level play. This isn’t a group for learning to play volleyball. We expect that all players have a broad background in volleyball, are knowledgeable in the rules, and are committed to playing team-centric 3-touch volleyball at all times.

We require consistent competence in the basic skills (serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking). For most, this means you have been playing volleyball on a regular basis (weekly or more often) for at least 5 years with other players who know the game. Understand that playing all-play volleyball for this period of time likely won’t get you to the level of competence we require.

Most of our core group of players have been playing often (at least once a week, most play 2 or more times per week) year-round for 10 or more years. Many of our players played competitively in high school, some in college. Some of our players coach or have coached volleyball at club or HS level.

If you have a question about what we expect, feel free to contact one of the organizers.

New players will be evaluated by the organizers. If the organizers believe that the player is not up to our standards, they will be notified either in-person during the event, or via email.

Our determination of your level will be based on the organizers’ assessment of all aspects of your game. The organizers discuss player’s ability in depth before deciding whether they are up to level or not. Our determinations are based only on level of play and are not reflections of our personal feelings towards .

Understand that insulting, threatening or otherwise ‘flaming’ the organizers in person or via email in response to our earnest evaluation of your current volleyball ability will result in a permanent ban from the group (see our sportsmanship section below). We enforce the level-of-play to keep our games competitive and fun for the BB and AA level players. Understand that a notification that you do not meet our level of play is not a rejection of you as a person.


<< Relates to these Core Values: Fun, Sportsmanship, Safety>>

We expect players to be courteous to each other. Trash-talking is fine to a point, but aggressive interactions other with group members will not be tolerated. Players shall be supportive and respectful of each other at all times. Players who violate this standard of conduct shall be removed from the group.


<< Relates to these core values: Competition, Sportsmanship >>

With some slight variations, we play USA volleyball Indoor rules ( for indoor play and ‘Old School’ rules for outdoor play ( We frequently discuss our rules at the beginning of our events. If you ever have a question about a rule or our interpretation, we are happy to discuss them to clarify.

Any disputes of the rules shall be decided by an organizer (if available) or by replaying the point. Excessive or chronic arguing about the rules is in opposition to the core values of this group and violators will be removed from the group.

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