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Rosicrucians are a community of philosophers who study, and strive to live in harmony with, the Natural Laws governing the Universe.

Our mission is to bring the wisdom of the Rosicrucian Tradition into our communities, as we firmly believe that these teachings can contribute to bringing harmony and balance into one's life connecting us with the miraculous world around us and assisting us in developing Mastery of Life.

We offer a home study program (https://www.rosicrucian.org/) as well as opportunities to gather together for teachings and ritual.

We have three locations in New York City:

The Rosicrucian Cultural Center (https://www.rosicrucian.org/rosicrucian-cultural-center) located in Central Harlem at 2303 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd (135th and 7th Ave) a place of learning and meditation open to all.

The Kings Rosy Cross Lodge (https://sites.google.com/a/amorc.rosicrucian.org/newyorkrosicrucians/kings-rosy-cross-lodge) located in East Flatbush at 679 East 52nd Street (Between Clarendon Road and Avenue D) with its beautiful Temple where Rosicrucians students are initiated into the higher Mysteries.

The New York City Chapter (https://sites.google.com/a/amorc.rosicrucian.org/newyorkrosicrucians/new-york-city-chapter) located in Midtown at 240 E 53rd St (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave), offers beautiful rituals and programs for members at all levels of study.

We look forward to welcoming you to your Rosicrucian home in New York City!

Upcoming events (2)

Questions and Answers with Grand Master Julie Scott

Online event

In this teleconference, Grand Master Julie Scott will answer your questions regarding the Rosicrucian teachings and the Rosicrucian Order. For example, you may have questions regarding Rosicrucian healing or meditation practices or about the history of the Rosicrucian Order. Please submit your questions by email to the Department of Instruction at [masked] by May 11.

The City of the Sun: Utopian Direction and Self-Mastery

Online event

Down through the ages, philosophers and mystics have given to humanity inspiring stories of societies living in a harmonious manner. The ideals promulgated in these utopian tales have provided long-term direction for the evolvement and improvement of societies and the individual. As humanity has matured and attained, so have these utopian descriptions evolved over the centuries from Plato’s Republic to the “Rosicrucian Utopia” in the Positio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis. We will focus on the early 17th-century story The City of the Sun by the learned and courageous Tommaso Campanella. Join Hugh McCague as we continue to explore Rosicrucian laws and principles and their creative expression and application for Self-Mastery and harmonious living.

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Vowel Sounds Across Traditions

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