What we're about

Welcome to Rotary Club of Burnaby - We're a club that host weekly amazing speakers that covers many spectrum of topics, from Sport footwear, BC economies, Film industries to Astronomy. Besides hosting interesting talks, we take part in many philanthropic/volunteer program that provides vast amount of networking opportunities. We also encourage and dedicated time for relationship and networking building. We welcome anyone who wants to come, to listen and/or to be involved - COME BY - It's open to the general public!

Do you live, work or play in Burnaby Area?


Rotary Club of Burnaby - presents: We are a group of passionate individuals that care deeply about three things: 1) collaborating with the community, 2) developing personal and professional networks, and 3) Forging lifelong friendships.

As part of Rotary International, we leverage their network to support our three goals. We meet regularly to socialize, learn, network and organize volunteer/philanthropic projects.

Rotary is one of the largest and oldest service organization, with more than 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs in almost 200 countries and geographical areas worldwide.
Our group is evolving and we are seeking new members who are interested in being part of this new chapter. We are an active, open and welcoming group of people who would love to see you at our next social event, meeting or fundraiser. Come along, meet us and learn what Rotary is all about. There is absolutely no obligation to join.

For more information on our club please check the link provided: https://www.rotaryburnaby.org/

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