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Let's play Sherlock Holmes!
The shop currently offers a try out for the gane sherlock holmes consulting detective. Its a great cooperative deduction game with a max of 8 players. This game has 10 cases and cannot be replayed after solving the case. Who ever wants to join, please RVSP below. The case cost are 5 euro per case, per person. This includes a drink of choice. NOTE: The shop currently offers 10% discount on the boardgames for regular visitors. Do ask for details at the shop when you are interested. We can always order pizza,so no need to worry about food. The store has added a lot of demo games from 999 games and other publishers to try out like dixit, carcassone, forbidden island, Captain Sonar and king domino and more. You are welcome to bring your favorite boardgame to share and play. The entrance is free and there will be drinks and snacks available for a reasonable price. Please note you can join us anytime during the meetup. But please RVSP if you are going to come. This way other players also know how many people are about to come. Do share this event with your fellow gamers and friends to have a nice game night. If you have any questions, do let me know. See you all soon.

Kleine Kapitein

Botersloot 173 · Rotterdam