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Close to metro station Leuvehaven, payed public parking.

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2019, a new year, time to broaden the horizon and learn new skills. This meetup we're going to take a look at Kotlin, an upcoming JVM language that is slowly conquering the Java world.

"Give a Java programmer a week of Kotlin, he/she will never go back"


[18.00 – 18.30] Walk-in
[18.30 – 19.00] Drinks and pizza's (vegatarian pizza's available)
[19.00 – 22.00] Kotlin workshop (Paulien van Alst)
[22:00 - 22:30] Kotlin is for hipsters (Riccardo Lippolis & Jorrit van der Ven)

This meetup will be an interactive session: !! Bring a laptop !!

We'll start off with a hands-on Kotlin workshop by the excellent Paulien van Alst from OpenValue. (

= Kotlin workshop (Paulien van Alst)

In this workshop, you will build a simple webservice in Kotlin and hopefully see how easy it can be to write new business functionality. No Hello, World app guaranteed! You will be developing a true microservice with real business rules. The workshop offers you to jump in at different levels: from totally new to Kotlin to the more experienced ones. The covered topics are (data) classes, collections and types (type alias), inheritance, interfaces and extension functions, coroutines and Kotlin’s interoperability with Spring.

= Kotlin is for hipsters (Riccardo Lippolis & Jorrit van der Ven)

Most developers like using cool, shiny, new technologies. But at the same time, we embrace the 'known' older technology stacks when creating software which will run in production, and for good reason! At the Port of Rotterdam we decided to take a leap of faith and embrace our inner hipsters. Unhindered with any prior experience, we started developing our applications using Kotlin. In this short talk, we will share our experiences with developing in Kotlin for a few months. Hopefully, we will enthuse you to make the same decision!

= Host: Lunatech

Also, many thanks to this events new host: Lunatech
Lunatech is also sponsering the food and drinks, awesome job.

= RSVP now:

There are just 50 spots available, so RSVP quickly, if you can't make it, be sure to give up your spot.