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Is It Really A.D.D.?
Did you know there are several combinations of visual problems, visual skills deficits and refractive conditions that mimic A.D.D.?For a child with A.D.D., these visual deficiencies make things worse. You're invited to a special workshop for parents and professionals who interact with children whose behavior and learning problems suggest the possibility of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Aspire Vision Care

7700 Cat Hollow Dr. Ste. 105 · Round Rock, TX

What we're about

This group provides lively, participatory workshops hosted by Dr. Nancy Guenthner, O.D., for parents, teachers, and other professionals who deal with young people who are behind in reading, have trouble with comprehension or anyone for whom reading is a slow, laborious chore. The workshops covers vision problems that affect reading problems, or learning disabilities, as well as vision problems that mimic or imitate ADD and ADHD or which make it worse . A large number of children who reverse words or letters when reading or writing are diagnosed as dyslexic. Yet certain vision conditions that share identical signs mimic or complicate the condition. Can you tell the difference? Come learn to test for all these problems and what can be done. There will be ample time for Q&A at each workshop.

Cannot attend a workshop? Dr. Guenthner can come speak at your Meetup. Please contact us if your meetup group would be interested.

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