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Experienced in Martial Arts? Interested in Martial Arts? Want to learn traditional Martial Arts at no cost (except a few dollars for equipment if you don't already have it) from a Hall of Fame Martial Artist? The philosophy of Martial Arts is to share knowledge, experience and abilities. If you are interested in becoming a member of a group that is non-judgemental on fitness level, experience level, age or gender join us for some Martial Arts fun and fitness! Workshops will include traditional Okinawan Karate, Bully Proofing for Kids AND in the Work Place for Adults, Street Wise Self Defense for All Ages, Weapons (nunchuka, bo, sai, tonfa, tan bo etc.- if you don't know what these are GREAT come have some fun and learn about them) and whatever the members with experience want to bring. This is not "you gotta be a hardbody" Martial Arts, it's more about learning traditional Martial Arts and how a 60 year old in "Ok Shape" can defend themselves against common agressors and HAVE FUN learning in the process! If you have EVER thought about "karate, judo, jiu jutsu, krav maga, sue ken do, etc. etc. etc." join in and don't worry about the reasons that have stopped you in the past; We promise it will be FUN-FREE and oh, might have already said it FUN! We wanted to start this group because, as recent transplants to Round Rock, we need to meet people, stay active and continue training. Join and see...there's a money back (oh right, there's no cost) guarantee!!!

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2020 self-defense kick off

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Holiday Survival Seminar

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Meet for a Special FREE 2 Hour Self Defense Session

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