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"You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?"

Calling all foodies and film lovers! There's a lot to do in the outdoors and fitness around here... but wouldn't it be great if some of your friends also wanted to try the exciting new restaurant (and might actually get your film reference)? Perhaps – like me – you recently moved from NYC/L.A./Portland/Austin/Raleigh and can't wait to discover the Denver food scene. There's a distinct possibility you also love to cook or have worked in the food/bev industries and regularly devour some other kind of awesome storytelling (tv, theatre, comics, books?)...

I like a niche group. It gives us lots to talk about. :D


Dues (Pay What You Can Afford): This is a not-for-profit group and I don't require dues to join. However, it costs ~$180/year for me to host our group on Meetup so a donation goes a long way toward keeping our group alive. Recommended donation is $3 for every event you attend or $20 to cover a full year of unlimited events. Donations will be requested once a year as a reminder to those who can contribute. Cash or Venmo @mandirao most welcome!

No Shows: 2 no-shows will result in removal from the group. It is difficult to host a quality event for the group if we're waiting around for people who don't show up. Please show your new friends (that's us!) some courtesy and be sure to add events to your calendar so you don't forget your RSVP. And if it turns out you can't make it, you can comment on an event thread, un-RSVP or send me a private message any time before the event to ensure your not marked a no-show. Thanks for your understanding.

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