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Royal Cyber is an award-winning business solutions (https://www.royalcyber.com/)provider that serves organizations across different industry verticals around the globe. A leader in delivering world-class commerce and enterprise solutions, Royal Cyber helps organizations streamline business operations and compete in the global marketplace by focusing on a range of cutting-edge technologies such as Watson, IoT, ChatBoT, BPM, DevOps, B2Bi and Mobility that redefine businesses worldwide.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois we have a global footprint with offices and development centers across North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Royal Cyber strategic move of establishing an offshore center in Asia has helped us to reduce costs and provide highly competitive rates to our valued clients.

Our global presence and diverse workforce has enabled us to provide innovative and customized IT solutions. Today we are the global leader in software consultancy and provide best-in-class services with reliability, safety and security to maintain global redundancy for seamless delivery.

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Webinar: Superior Customer Experience with Interactive 3D Product Configurator

Join us on Sep 30th at 12pm CST, for a live webinar on 3D Product Configurator and improved features of HCL Commerce V9.1.x to enhance buying experience and boost conversions, while adapting to the new normal. Register: https://bit.ly/3jutVgM Being the technology partner of Augusta Sportswear Brands, Royal Cyber partook in its mission to deliver a superior, personalized shopping experience to its customers. Royal Cyber’s 3D Product Configurator was seamlessly and coherently integrated with HCL Commerce V8 (ASB’s ecommerce platform), which proved to be a game-changer for Augusta Sportswear Brands. What we will be discussing in live webinar: --> About Augusta Sportswear Brands --> Market demands and competitor analysis --> Challenges in the configuration process --> What Augusta needed to mitigate? --> Roadmap towards 3D and Web2Print --> Royal Cyber’s technical solution --> New implementations and enhancements to the existing process --> Royal Cyber’s Product Configurator Implementation --> Benefits to business --> HCL v9.1 Features --> HCL’s position in 2020 now and how it is capturing the market There will be a Q&A opportunity following the formal presentation.

Live Webinar: Headless Commerce Implementation with commercetools

Hello All, We are doing a live webinar on "Best Practices for a Headless Commerce Implementation with commercetools". When: Oct 6th at 10 AM CST/11 AM EST Register: https://bit.ly/32YNQxL Delivering the latest experiences to engage customers and stay ahead of their expectations is critical. However, keeping pace with emerging touchpoints and new functionality is not easy. In a conventional ecommerce model, new experiences need updates to both the front and back-end systems, which can turn even small projects into big pains. Headless commerce is a separation of the front-end and back-end of an ecommerce system that enables brands to enrich the customer experience. The commercetools platform offers flexible APIs to connect all touchpoints easily. Royal Cyber is a commercetools Partner with seasoned resources to help you drive innovation using headless commerce. Join us to learn: -> Introduction to headless commerce --> Why headless commerce is needed today --> Benefits of headless commerce --> Why commercetools is the top choice for headless commerce today --> Who commercetools works with and why they’re leading the modern commerce platform marketplace

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