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Royal Indian Devote is not a group but a spirit that believes in uniting. We believe that India is a diverse country and if you know how to get along with its people, to get to places by the right roads and in the right season, then we know that there is no place better to tour. We want to enhance your experience by exposing you to the climate, culture and cuisine along with the camaraderie that’s unique only to this group. Biking has been our passion and we couldn’t find a bike that is more reliable at its price than a Royal Enfield. Our spirit can’t resist the thought of that distinct thump on quiet roads. There are a million experiences that unite us. We’ve all been in accidents, have had to shuttle around for spares and accessories, had good and bad experiences with mechanics, not found anyone when we wanted to head out, and wished we could march on this free land with friends. Whatever we’ve done, we’ve learnt more from socializing with others and knowing of their experiences. On this Royal Indian Devote’s page we want to shout out to all of you who are as devoted as us to come and unite with us. It is your personality that shapes us, it’s in your ideas that we find a mould and then we ride off. We strive to bring you at one place on this site everything that you need that relates to having a comfortable biking experience. While we know you can’t make it for each ride but we want you to know that every rider is decorated by the number of rides they have done with us and we take seniority seriously

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Ride TO Raan Of Kutch (ROK)

Hotel Fountain

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