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Hello Fellow Fermenters!

The Royal Oak Area Homebrew club was started in May 2015, and quickly grew to 50+ meetup members. Our goal is to meet at least once a month in order to share ideas, recipes, tastings, experiences, and stories related to homebrewing adventures.

One of the reasons I believe this group has grown so fast is that there seems to be a lack of homebrew support in this area that isn't directly sponsored by an intimidating brewery or group. My hope is to continue to grow this group with a diverse group of members ranging from people who have not brewed a single batch all the way through "self-proclaimed brewmasters" who are willing to contribute a wide-range of homebrewing knowledge with others. In addition to that, we hope to be able to eventually provide club members with bulk discounts on grain, hops, etc. as well as other fun club outings and benefits.

One theme that we are trying to establish with this club is the notion that experimenting with homebrewing is just as fun as brewing a certain style 'by the book.' In other words, no one here will judge you for being adventurous. You brew you.

Thanks for joining the group, and we're all looking forward to sharing a pint with you at our next meeting!

Upcoming events (5+)

Monthly Club Meeting - Homebrewing 101

Urbanrest Brewing Company

UPDATED We are updating the topic for this month's meeting. We will be doing a homebrew 101 class for the new homebrewers out there. We won't do an actual brew session, but we'll have equipment and ingredients on hand to walk through the process. It will be focused on those that haven't yet brewed their first batch or have only brewed a few batches and want to learn. Topics covered will include... -Equipment needed and upgrade considerations -Ingredients, focusing on extract but touching on all grain -Process, from mashing to boiling to fermenting to serving. This will be a very open class, and we'll encourage questions and conversation throughout. I think we should be able to get everything covered within an hour, and leave time for general discussion and beer sharing after. We still encourage everyone to show up for the meeting even if you are a more experienced homebrewer. As we all know, there are many approaches to homebrewing and all input is helpful.

Monthly Club Meeting - Off Flavor Night

River Rouge Brewing Company

We will be covering a single off flavor tonight (off flavor to be determined). We'll have some samples of the off flavor for everyone to taste, review common causes of the off flavor, and ways to avoid/eliminate the off flavor. We are open to suggestions if there is a specific off flavor people want to cover. And as always feel free to bring any homebrew you want to share with the group.

Monthly Club Meeting - Trivia Night ???

Urbanrest Brewing Company

We are looking into the possibility of a having our first ever trivia night!!! Details to be determined, and we are up for input or suggestions.

Monthly Club Meeting

River Rouge Brewing Company

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Monthly Club Meeting - Irish Red Judging

River Rouge Brewing Company

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