Ruby::AZ Meetup - Lightning Talks: Std Lib musings + Ruby Interop with Rust

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Go Daddy

2150 E. Warner 85284 · Tempe, AZ

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Come see Chase Stevens talk about some of the libraries in the Standard Library, both for their usefulness and how well they're designed. Jake Brady will also share some experimentation he did on interop between Ruby and Rust.

Got something you'd like to share? We'll be happy to give you the stage! Lightning talks should be short and informal, so very little prep is required. Or if you've got something larger to share, that's great too.

Come join us and share your ideas!

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month, usually at GoDaddy in Tempe but we are looking for other locations around the valley. Please reach out if you can offer up space for a meetup!

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