Ruby Banitsa – Thursday, 5th of December


2019 has been a great year for Ruby Banitsa. I rarely talked and we had a bunch of new speakers. Let's end 2019 with yet another newcomer for Ruby Banitsa! Welcome my favorite Receipt Bank colleagues, Tsvetelina Borisova and Hristo Vladev, with talks about the Strategy Pattern and future Rubies.🤞

This will be our last event for 2019 and we'll be reflecting and celebrating 2019 with fortune banitsa! Come and see what our fortunes will bring you for 2020! 🔮

## Schedule

- 18:30: Banitsa and refreshments! 🥐
- 19:00: Strategy Pattern by Tsvetelina Borisova
- 19:30: Ruby 2.7 & Ruby 3.0 by Hristo Vladev
- 20:00: 🍻