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What we’re about

minimum viable product, or MVP, is the crucial first step in any software or product development. Free from the pressure of creating the perfect product, generating an MVP lets you focus on meeting the immediate needs of your customers.

An MVP should be Viable, Usable, Lovable and Testable.

On average, building an MVP takes about 25-30 days with a team of 2 people. This is actually the ideal length of time - any longer than this, and you risk losing focus and building too many untested features. Your MVP should be released within weeks, not months, whether it's looking beautiful or not.

This MeetUp is for people who are currently building an MVP or are looking to start building an MVP soon, so that, we can all share best practices and address questions about the process.

At Codescrum, we have built a good number of MVPs in the last few years and we are happy to share our experience in this process.

An example of a company that Codescrum built from early prototype to global leading product is Checkmarx Codebashing. You can find the Case Study following this link: