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Important Update 12/06/21
Last Month I took over ownership of the group. I’ve been here from the start, when a random group of us met for lunch ( at Eggspectations, if i’m remembering correctly) and started talking about having a Loudoun group so we wouldn’t have to travel for meetups.

The world still isn’t back to normal, and we’re heading into the dark days of winter, but i’d love to see what we can organize anyway… maybe a Saturday morning virtual code and coffee, maybe a small conference hosted on Hopin, or something.

If you agree, send me a message here, a message on twitter, etc.

Wake the neighbors, invite your friends, RubyLoco is about to raise the roof!

David Bock


Ruby LoCo started 10 years ago as a casual meet up for remote workers in the Leesburg area who wanted to get out of the home office to have lunch with like minded Ruby enthusiasts. The group continued to grow as we added beer to our lunches and robots to our hack nights. 

We eventually formalized on Meetup and covered costs with sponsorship from Sequoia and Custom Ink. The last few years, we’ve had a consistent monthly meeting at The Glass Half Full (Alamo Drafthouse) . Overtime, the conversations expanded to cloud and other technologies . But the original spirt of the Ruby community has remained.

As the group organizers, Chris Mar and Karle Durante have been quietly maintaining the Meetup behind the scenes. We’ve kept it going through the pandemic and recently paid the Meetup fees ( $98.94/6 months) with the remainder of our sponsorship funds. Thanks Sequoia!

We would like to see the group continue to meet and grow but we need to find a new organizer who can dedicate the time to host the monthly lunches and find sponsorship to continue covering the costs (expiring 11/12/21). With 436 members there remains a lot of interest for a fun casual tech meetup in the Loudoun County. 

We are not abandoning the group. We’ve made a lot of great friends over the years. But we need to find an organizer to carry the group forward and plan for post-pandemic meetups. 

If you are interested in organizing the group please reach out. We will be here to support you and the group. A new organizer will bring new energy and we look forward to seeing our little lunch Meetup continue to grow and provide a respite for remote workers in Loudoun County.

Chris Mar and Karle Durante