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Run/Drink/Repeats: The Lou Albano Edition, benefiting Animal Trustees of Austin!

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Wait, I'm sorry, this is actually supposed to be the "Luau" edition. Apparently, June 20 is the day before the summer solstice, which, of course, brings to mind Don Henley, Puck, and coconut bras.

All that's well and good, but there's always room to work in Captain Lou Albano, to keep the memory of this great wrestling icon and Cindy Lauper video star alive. Plus, he had a predilection for Hawaiian shirts, so... there's that.

Even more importantly, this pub run benefits Animal Trustees of Austin, and celebrates their 20th anniversary of providing low-cost spaying and neutering and other veterinary care to Austin pets.

We'll meet at Rattle Inn at 6:45pm (or earlier), and will leave shortly after 7pm. We'll run a little over a mile to the awesome new Craft Pride, down on Rainey Street. It's a bar that really stands apart down there, with a great patio area and awesome, pet-lovin' owners, that serves only Texas beers (and wine and cider for you non-hops people).

Then, in lieu of the third unnamed but moustache-themed bar that never would respond to us, we'll return to Rattle Inn, where you'll get a free pint from the keg of beer donated by Independence Brewery.

- A $3 minimum donation
- Whatever ID you have that says you're 21
- A dry shirt or coconut bra and towel for your return to Rattle Inn
- Appropriate luau/Lou Albano attire. Coconut bras. Hawaiian shirts. Grass skirts.

Some notes:
- You don't have to run. There'll be beer left when you get there. Or, you can bike or drive from location to location, just don't get your grass skirt in the spokes.
- This is neither a race, nor a drunk-fest. Make sure you have a safe way home, because you want to be available for July's pub run.

For more info on Team Spiridon -
For more info on Animal Trustees - (
And, for an almost incomprehensible account of the wrestling career of Captain Lou Albano - (


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