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RuffTail Runners! Message Board › Dog/runner matching: energy levels and quirks

Dog/runner matching: energy levels and quirks

Austin, TX
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This thread is for discussing the dogs, their energy levels and quirks so we can better match runners to dogs. This way we can prevent our marathoners having to carry dogs back home or our run/walkers getting their arms torn off by our wiggliest dogs.

Hopefully we'll get to update the thread often, as the dogs keep getting adopted.

Aiden: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Andre Agassi:[edit: in foster]

Angus: Very easy pittie mix. Will match pace with anything from 8-12. Gasses out pretty quickly at 8 though, so he would probably do better with someone looking to go slower. Runs past everything on the trail with no problems. Will drink water at fountains, but he's still a little shy about getting in the lake.

Aretha: Fast, dances in the water, a bit of a handful. We have her down as a border collie mix, but to me she looks and acts more like a heeler. Whenever she's within 20 feet of her kennel she can't hold in her urge to play and she'll start jumping and heeling you a bit. It seems a little worse when putting her in than taking her out. She has no problem running 7 minute miles and will do so all day. If you ever do manage to tire her out, let her dance around in the water for 5 minutes and she's ready to go again. She wants to play with every dog or squirrel she sees out on the trail, so she can be a bit of a handful out there, but she's lots of fun.

Aries: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Athena: 8 minute mile pittie mix...why does that sound familiar? Athena acts just like Jewels and Andre. Athena's a little less wiggly and water loving than Jewels, and is easier to control when there are no distractions. But, Athena's probably a little harder to control around other dogs than Andre and Jewels, if only because she hasn't been out on the trail as much to learn how to run past them.

Audrey: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Baby: Pia jr. This small pittie girl is a great runner. 8 minute miles are too slow for her, 3 miles is too short. She's still learning how to run past things...and how to run on the right. She's great in the water: loves swimming when it's deep, or rolling in the water when it's shallow.

Bacon Bits: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Banjo: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Beauty: Easy lab girl perfect for a run/walker. After a quarter mile of wiggles, Beauty slows down to a 10-13 min/mile pace. Put the vest on her and Beauty tries to make friends with every person she goes by. She likes to take frequent breaks to stop and sniff and would love to be paired with a run/walker.

Betty Boop. [edit: in foster]

Bernie: Why do we have this dog down as a 2 again? Bernie was easily a 1 today. He didn't pull at all and matched pace very well. He likes to run between an 8-9 minute pace...usually closer to a 9. He is still a little shy about getting in the water or drinking from the fountains, so don't take him too far. Once he learns how to do that he will be a great little running buddy.

Blitzen: [edit: Returned sad] Blitzen runs fast and does well on an easy walk harness. He has a strong prey drive and loves to chase things. This is great for a working dog, but not so great for a trail dog. He has been known to cry when he doesn't get to chase squirrels or birds. We're hoping to get him over to chasing tennis balls and ignoring things on the trail, but it might take a while.

Bluebird: Does well around 9 min/mile. If you try to go faster she starts crossing your path to get you to slow down so she doesn't miss anything. Gets very excited about the trail. She wants to see/meet/sniff everything. As a result, today she tired herself out after 20 minutes and had to lie in the water for a few minutes to regain her composure. Very cute.

Bob: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Bones: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Brandy: review by Victoria [edit: ADOPTED!]

Brianna: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Brooklyn: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Buck: review by Stefanie: looked like a pit/heeler mix, sweet and gentle. 2 on campus and for first mile, then a 1. We were going about a 10min mile pace and in the beginning he wanted to go faster, then settled in. He definitely wanted to be out front, and not too good at staying to the right. He was good about drinking water on the trail, and at the bend where the swans hang out, he got in and laid on the top step for a bit to cool off. [edit:8/14. I took Buck out as well today and I have to say he is the most well behaved of any of our fast dogs. He matched with everything from 5:30 to 9 with no problems. Any slower than 9 and he gets bored and starts to pull a little. He will dive into the water and swim all day. Great dog for the trail...just bring a lot of poop bags.]

Canela: Cute little prankster. Canela likes to have fun out on the trail. While you're out running she will sometimes turn and look at you which means she's planning a prank. So far her two favorites are to grab your shoe laces and untie your shoes, or slow down until she's right next to you, then jump up, grab your shorts, and try to pull them down. If you ignore her when she turns and looks at you she gets the message and will just keep running. But, if you stop and look back at her, you're about to get punk'd. She has a magic range of between an 8-10 min/mile pace. Any faster than 8 and she gets really excited and pulls. Any slower than 10 and she gets really bored and pulls. Would do well with someone looking for a steady run somewhere within those paces that can ignore her games and teach her to run straight ahead.


Chloe: One of our easier pitties. She likes to run between an 8:30-11 minute pace. She's pretty calm, even at the beginning of her run. She gives up on meeting other dogs quickly. After about a mile and a half she will want to take frequent sniff or swim breaks.

Cindy: review by Liliana: She is a black 7yr old shepard mix. She tugs until she gets to the trail, as long as you take her at an easy jog she will quit pulling. She will keep a constant pace for about 1.5 to 2 miles.

Rob H.
user 45191892
Austin, TX
Post #: 1
Mark, this is fantastic - initially, I had hoped people would do this on our Facebook page, but now that we're using MeetUp (and it's really changed the game for the program), this looks like the perfect forum for it.

I'll send an email out to the members inviting them to participate...
Austin, TX
Post #: 2

Dog/Runner Matching Part 2

Coco Puff: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Corona:[edit: ADOPTED!]

Daffodil: Daffodil loves the water. She wants to know when we're starting "swim a dog," so she can really get out there. She loves the water so much she insists on running right next to the water as you go down the trail. Sweet dog.

Daphne (Shelby): review by Shelley: "1" She is an absolute sweet heart, when I took her out everyone sighed love. I will be surprised if she's not adopted by the time I write this, but one jogger was curious how I got her to leave the parking lot, so I thought I would share.

I will list her as a "1", but know she seems to still be learning about the outside world and may get overwhelmed and want to return to the shelter. If you want a long hard run she is not your dog.

When taking her out, if you do things first she'll follow - like going over the water coming out of the parking lot. Put yourself between her and bikers and strollers. Also, there is a giant monster that will eat her when you get to the trail and turn left. If you turn right (west) she'll run for a mile. She got hot quickly and I could sense she was getting a bit overwhelmed so we only stayed out for about 30min, but she seemed to love it.

Darla: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Destiny: review by Victoria: rated "1"-- but is quite strong. Sniffs a LOT. She did not go too far because of said sniffing and seemed overwhelmed by the folks on the trail.

Ellie: Ellie doesn't get out very often because she's in an even kennel that doesn't face he parking lot. As a result when she first gets out expect her to be pretty wiggly. After a quick first mile she settles down a lot and will match next to you anywhere from a 7:30-9 minute pace. She loves to swim.

Elke: review by Alden: So surprised there was no review of this little girl! Shes a super sweet pit mix. She was really well-behaved coming out of the kennel, pulled on the leash a lot on the way out of the facility - settled down once we got out on the trail. Started out strong, ran about 3.5 miles beginning at about an 8:30 pace, settling into a 9-10 minute/mile pace towards the end. She does like to sniff around a bit, but has no trouble staying focused on the run! Other dogs, people, etc. don't seem to bother her at all.

Elmer:He's starting to finally come out of his shell, but he's still pretty timid. He will lay down and refuse to move if he gets overwhelmed.

Elsa: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Emerald: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Emmy: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Fannie: review by Victoria: rated "1"- great for beginning runners or cool down run. For about 2 miles she can go at a 10-12min/mi pace, which is great for her age, built and amount of undercarriage. A+ for good attitude and good leash manners! Does not seem interested in splashing in water. She may be reluctant to return to her kennel after the run.

Fenris: review by Victoria: [edit:ADOPTED!]

Fun Size: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Hank: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Hershey: 8 min per mile pittie mix. Still learning how to run on the right side. Is an expert at sit and rank amateura t running on the right. Pulls hard to start the run, doesn't pull too much once you're running, but desperately wants to chase every squirrel and meet every person or dog she sees.

Ike: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Jax: Jax loves to run. Jax is an exceptional runner. We averaged a 7:45 min/mile pace over 3 miles and he kept wanting to go faster. We did some short sprints at a 5:30 pace and he was in heaven...and by heaven, I of course mean six feet out in front trying to get us to go even faster. If you're a serious runner looking for a dog that will push you, Jax is your guy. He doesn't like to stop for any reason, so you'll have to force him to take water breaks and cool down sessions. But once he stops, he has no problem sitting down next to you and waiting in line for water.

Jersey: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Jewels:See description for Andre...replace "splash" with swim. Has a habit of trying to run on the wrong side, but settles over to the right for good after a half mile or so.

Jordan: Ton of energy, adorable, but a handful. Jordan pulls, and wants to say hello to, or chase everything she sees. She will run her first mile sideways trying to meet everyone. She sometimes tries to mouth the leash, especially when she is first coming out of her kennel. It takes about a mile for Jordan to get the wiggles out and calm down enough to run next to you. So I would suggest taking her around the ball fields and running her next to the trail for a mile before you hit the trail, especially if it is crowded. She is currently in the middle of a drawn out war with water. She will jump into the water, then grab a mouthful and shake it around to show it who is boss. Adorable.

Judd: 7:30-9 minute mile pittie that is still a little wary of other dogs. Observe the "dog on the right side of you" rule and you'll be just fine. Not a huge puller. Likes the water.

Lacey: Likes to dance around you while you run about a 9 minute pace. Such a puppy. She seems to have learned running from play group, so she'll run fast for a few yards, then check to see if anyone is chasing her. She doesn't pull very hard, but she will pull in all directions as she dances around. Will run through you to meet another dog.

Leera: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Lightning: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Lily: review by Sarah: Sweet, sleek, white pit, loves other dogs. But really she acts like a hound on a trail. She seemed to be very specific with her sniffing and then want to go streaking down the trail for the next key spot. Loves to be in the water. Would make a great working tracker. Two other handlers said she was "mellow" and "a doll," so she might've been more excited on 7/15 because of the recent rains.

Maggie May: Excellent running partner. Good leash manners once you're out and running. She matches pace very well and loves to run anything from an 8-10 minute/mile pace. She's a large dog with a dark coat, so be mindful of the heat. She loves to swim, but she has no problem getting out of the water to get back to running.

Marley: Easy to handle 9-12 minute/mile yellow lab mix. I have to admit I never read the book or saw the movie, but if it's about a super sweet, well behaved, lab mix that likes to run and swim he's well named. Marley is interested in other dogs but gives up on them easily. He had to hustle to keep up with an 8 min/mile pace and seemed more comfortable in the 9-12 range.

Martha Sue: [edit: in foster]
user 51490752
Austin, TX
Post #: 1
Thank you for the info, this is extremely helpful!
Austin, TX
Post #: 3
Well, that filled up fast. Looks like we need a:

Dog Runner Match Making pt. 3

Mary: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Mona: [edit: Mona's back and ready to run!] Mona's a cute girl who likes to swim and make friends. She's not the fastest pittie on the block, but she's probably the cutest, if you take her out be prepared to stop frequently as admirers on the trail stop you so they can pet her. Since she's come back she's a little more into other dogs and a little more wary of the water than she was before.

Morgan: Sweet deaf pittie that shakes off the wiggles pretty easily. Morgan will pull hard out of her kennel and want to start running at a 7 minute/mile pace as soon as she hits the trail. This quickly turns into an 8:30-10 minute/mile pace as she gets the wiggles out. She gets a lot of attention on the trail, so be prepared to have strangers come up to you and comment on her cuteness. She's a little cautious around the water, but will take a drink and wade in a little bit.

Ophelia: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Otto: LOVES to sniff things. He's going to make someone a wonderful tracking or air scenting dog one day. He starts out zig zagging around trying to pick up every scent. Once you start running he'll keep his nose down to keep sniffing for a few hundred yards before he gives up and just runs. He has constant energy but nobody has yet taught him things like leash manners, running on the right side of the trail, and not running through your handler to say hi to another dog. Because of this, he's probably not right for a first time handler and would do better with someone who can work on things like leash manners, staying on the right side of the trail, and running past other dogs. He has a dark coat and a shorter face, so be mindful of the heat. He will put his feet in the water and splash a little bit, but is still wary of diving in.

Patch: Very easy 9-12 min/mile Spitz mix. She has an interest in other dogs, but gets over it pretty easily. At a 9 minute pace she started to gas out at 2 miles. At a 10-12 pace she would make it much further. Good dog for a beginner.

Pia: My pick to win the "wiggliest dog at APA" competition. She will run anywhere from a 5-7 minute/mile pace. If you run any slower and you can expect to get pulled. She has an interest in other dogs, but she has an even greater interest in running as fast as she possible can. After a few miles she'll jump in the water and lie down to cool off, then want to get back to sprinting. She's great for a serious runner and will probably do well with someone looking to run intervals...except for the whole "stopping and resting between intervals" part.

Pinky: review by Sarah: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Piper: review by Sarah: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Pluto: [edit: in foster]

Prieto: Good leash manners, moderate energy. Got a little shy on our run after about a half mile and wanted to go home. Might have just still been tired from play group. [edit: 8/8: Prieto has been having some knee issues recently so he'll probably be on the bench for a while. Hopefully he heals up soon.]

River: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Rocco: Beginner friendly 9-12 min/mile lab. He's rated 2 on the board, but he was easily a 1 today. Rocco ran 4 miles on a loose leash next to me past dogs, bikes, strollers, etc. He might be the easiest dog I've ever taken. 9 min/miles seemed easy for Rocco, but he hung back everytime I tried to speed up. I think he just likes to jog on the trail and take everything in, rather than sprint past it all like Pia does. Rocco had no trouble getting in or out of the water. Great dog for the trail.

Rocky: Fairly typical pittie mix. Not a super puller, but he is excited when he first gets out and will shoot for a 5-7 minute pace. After a half mile or so he settles down and will run calmly next to you at a 7-9 minute pace. Likes to wade into the water a bit.

Sasha: review by Sarah: Sweet, mellow black lab mix with a full coat. The cool down dog. Looked scared in her kennel but warmed up after a minute. Great manners, matches pace like a pro.

Sena: Good runner that will do anything to meet another dog. Keep her away from the small ones though, she gets a little snappy. Sena is a 2 inside the complex, a 1 outside, and a 3 when she sees another dog. Sena has good leash manners and will match pace with anything from an 8-11 minute/mile pace. She seems to prefer around a 9, though. She's still a little cautious drinking from the fountains and getting in the water, so watch for overheating. Her biggest problem is that she will do anything to meet another dog. She's a clever girl. At first she tried speeding up and running across my path to meet other dogs. Then, after I blocked her from doing that twice, she changed tactics and decided to start suddenly slowing down, then running across behind me to meet the dog. It took about 1.5 miles for her to finally tire of that game.

Sheba: review by Victoria: a "1"-- card says walking, needs exercise. Enthusiastic about water, some sniffing the first mile, but after that will trot by your side.

Snoopy: [edit: ADOPTED!]

Sullivan: Strong runner that loves water. When you first get out Sullivan will pull a little bit until you get to about an 8 min/mile which point he will speed up and pull harder. Our first mile was at 6:30 with Sullivan trying to get us to go faster the whole way. Second mile he was on a loose leash at an 8 minute pace. Miles 3-5 were at 8:30. He loves to swim in the water, so cooling him off isn't a problem...staying dry while he tries to pull you in the lake might be. He tries to meet other dogs, but won't run through you to do so.

Tawny: review by Victoria: rated "1", note on the whiteboard says "no other dogs!" (?)-- she might look like a pensive pup in her kennel, and might be a bit timid going through doors, but easy to handle on the leash and seems comfortable at an 8:30-10:00/mi pace. She is easily distracted the first 1.5 miles, wanting to sniff, cross the path, and meet other dogs. Her APA profile says she might have had a hard-knock life before arriving at the shelter, but calling her name and giving her words of encouragement whilst running seems to help her overcome her shyness. May need some encouragement to drink at the fountain. Seemed too distracted to be interested in treats.

Tina: [edit: ADOPTED]
user 52314942
Cedar Creek, TX
Post #: 1
Pinky Trail style similar to Aretha, a little heavier and a more independent personality. In cooler weather he could probably run a sub-3:00 marathon and love it. Had to take him in the ladies' at Barton Springs and he didn't flip out, just got antsy. Really loves water.

Piper Sweet, friendly, great manners. Does the first quarter mile or so at a good clip then settled in for an easy jog. Made friends with a toddler who was feeding the birds, did not try to eat the birds.
Austin, TX
Post #: 4
Dog Runner Matching pt. 4

Love-a-bulls at Oak Hill Vet

Ferdinand: Runs on a loose leash. Starts out around an 8 minute pace but quickly slows to a 9-11 pace. Likes to take frequent sniff breaks. He would love a run walker so he could run/sniff/run. He got a little spooked when a car scraped its bumper nearby, but he ran past fences with loud barking dogs without batting an eye. He gassed out pretty quickly, and after two miles he was dragging. But as soon as he set foot back in the vet's he was a ball of wiggles again.
Rob H.
user 45191892
Austin, TX
Post #: 2
This is great, Mark.

Since the beginning, I've wanted to add a feature to our website that would have pictures and this sort of information, to actually market some of these dogs to the running community. We'll be working on getting that up and running soon...

Thanks for all your hard work, and for going above and beyond!
user 52314942
Cedar Creek, TX
Post #: 2
Lily Sweet, sleek, white pit, loves other dogs. But really she acts like a hound on a trail. She seemed to be very specific with her sniffing and then want to go streaking down the trail for the next key spot. Loves to be in the water. Would make a great working tracker. Two other handlers said she was "mellow" and "a doll," so she might've been more excited on 7/15 because of the recent rains.

Sasha Sweet, mellow black lab mix with a full coat. The cool down dog. Looked scared in her kennel but warmed up after a minute. Great manners, matches pace like a pro.
Victoria H.
user 53790462
Austin, TX
Post #: 1
please edit or add to these ones if you had a different experience-- I only took them out once each. Also glad to hear Brianna has been adopted!!

Coco Puff: a "1"-- very sweet and observant of people-- first mile she is enthusiastic about squirrel watching and sniffing but after that she settles to your running pace (she can go slow or fast) and runs by your side with no problems. Will sit on command. Was not interested in drinking water (perhaps I took her out on a cool morning?) but drank after some encouragement.

Destiny: rated "1"-- but is quite strong. Sniffs a LOT. She did not go too far because of said sniffing and seemed overwhelmed by the folks on the trail.

Fenris: rated "1"-- his card says "SLOW!" but on the trail he charges along for a short bit until he gets tired. Seems compatible for a runner who wants to practice short sprints. Gets tired after 1-2 miles and may sit in the middle of the trail and even lie down. Sometimes sits on command.

Sheba a "1"-- card says walking, needs exercise. Enthusiastic about water, some sniffing the first mile, but after that will trot by your side.
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