Ruhr.Py 2018


First Ruhr.Py Meetup in 2018. The location (and snacks!) are provided by E.ON Climate & Renewables + E.ON Connecting Energies.

# Timetable
• 18:00 Admission
• 18:30 Talks (held in English)
• 19:30 Open discussion with snacks and drink

# Talks
A glance at openCV by Mark Keinhöster
We will take a look at the mighty computer vision library openCV. After starting with small examples of image processing, we quickly move over to build our own people detector in a few lines of code.

Deep Learning by Shirin
Introducing Deep Learning with Keras and Python
Keras is a high-level API written in Python for building and prototyping neural networks. It can be used on top of TensorFlow, Theano or CNTK. In this talk we build, train and visualize a Model using Python and Keras - all interactive with Jupyter Notebooks!

Serverless Computing by Kapil Gupta
Introduction to Server less computing And AWS Lambda. Function as a service. Own the code, not dependencies. We will Building interactive ETL job with AWM Lambda, Use API Gateway, infrastructure automation & Data validation with some function coding. Short introduction to ECR server less implementation of legacy process – Case study of a productive application.