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This group will focus on improving and learning the fundamentals of running through training sessions. I hope to teach you how to train better, run faster and prevent injuries through the lens of biomechanics and running form. There is a lot of debate and attention to the topics of barefoot, minimalist, and form in running, making the timing nice for starting this.

This group will focus on learning the techniques that elite runners and athletes have, and how that allows them to advance to a high level. We will avoid dogma and focus on individual improvement in ourselves. We will also cover topics SPECIFIC to runners of ALL ability levels: 1. Nutrition and body comp 2. Injury remedies 3. Injury prevention and strength training for running 4. Training principles in prep for races (5k-marathon)

This is an ideal place for anyone who has a desire to learn. You can show up even if you have a frustrating injury you are dealing with, or having been training much recently. We will work in a structured way such that everyone does the right volume and intensity for themselves.

I have extensive experience in distance running and track and field. I was an All-American at Stanford University in the 3000m Steeplechase, which is where I began developing my interest in mechanics and efficiency. This was likely due to the technical component of my event. Since college, I ran professionally for two different clubs and concluded my career running for Asics in 2011.

My proudest accomplishment in running was representing team USA at the World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, U.K. I have competed and travelled all over the globe for running and worked with some of the top coaches in the business. My personal bests are: 1500-3:44, 3000- 7:53, 5000-13:41, 10000-28:41. I have also been an assistant coach to the Mammoth Track Club and coached a 2:23 male marathon runnner, and a high school New York State champion.

I currently work as a certified personal trainer, coach, and massage practitioner. I specialize in working with athletes and healing injuries in the general population. I have treated over 20 olympians in the past year.

I look forward to having fun with you guys and learning from you as well. Cheers!

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