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What we’re about

Running Club For People That Can't Run Good

This is a running club for people who aren't good runners...or perhaps you are a good runner and you're looking for more of a social outlet. Let's get together and focus more on the fun & social aspect, and less on the fast-pace/crazy-long-distance running. We understand how it can be overwhelming looking at the pacing and distance of other running clubs, but know that we're more motivated to run when surrounded by fun people. Our main focus will be social runs (~1.5 - 3 miles) that end at bars. From time to time we'll add in exercise meetups and some fun social outings!

The Running Club For People That Can't Run Good was originally founded in Boston in July of 2016. As of July 2019, the group is still going strong with 4,000+ members. Many of the members have made new friends, met new future roommates, found new favorite bars, and many have become more fit. Some of our members when they joined could not finish a 5K and have now run multiple marathons and/or half marathons. Whether you're looking for friends or fun fitness activities (or both), this is the place for you!

Typical Pace: 10 minutes/mile (although our goal is to not leave anyone behind!)

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Instagram: @peoplethatcantrungood