Running In Flip Flops - JULY MeetUp

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Hope & Bear

153 London Rd · Reading

How to find us

There is parking onsite. I will put something distinctive on the table - not sure what yet but don't worry I'll message you in advance so that you know!

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Just come along if you're interested in the themes of this meet up, grab a drink and say hi!

No formal agenda, just introductions. I want to use this first meeting to get your input about what you'd find most useful/are looking for from this group.

I will put something distinctive on the table so that you know you've got the right group, I haven't decided what yet but I'll message closer to the time and let you know.

I can't wait to meet you and find out more about you!


Who are you?

You’re perpetually stressed, busy, overwhelmed and under fulfilled;
Sometimes it feels like you’ve achieved everything you ever wanted and it turns out it couldn’t be further from what you needed;
You know there’s more to life;

More balance to be had;
More adventure;
More creativity;
More joy;

You know you’ve got more to give than this…

But when?

Your life is full.

What you lack in fulfilment, challenge and excitement, you make up for in to do lists, material possessions and a packed schedule.

You barely have the time and space to think about what you want next, let alone the time to achieve it.

And then there’s the dark side of how you feel.
The side you’re less willing to share.

The guilt that you want more, shouldn’t you be satisfied? Lot’s of people would kill for what you have;
The shame you’re not doing any of it as well as you ‘should’, working at everything and achieving nothing as well as you’d like;
The general and constant anxiety, worry and stress that’s making you ill and dulling your shine, why does everyone else seem to be doing a better job of this?

You know life has more to give than this…

But how?

The Running in Flip Flops Community is run by me, Kate Happle, as a community for people who are, as you might have guessed, running in flip flops. Our meet ups are about community, sharing ideas and inspiration; to create a life of greater balance, adventure, creativity and joy over a coffee or a glass of wine.

Here’s the thing about flip flops... have you ever noticed you’re more chilled out in the summer? Weekends at the beach, slow holiday strolls in the park, leisurely walks that lack aim or purpose, lolloping around, just, because.

See for all these years you’ve mistakenly been acting under the illusion that the transformation is something to do with the weather, perhaps the sun and it’s recharging rays of vitamin D; or the location, the rolling waves on the beach or the rejuvenating green of nature; or perhaps it’s the circumstances, when we’re on holiday we can slow down, there’s so much less demand on our time.

But the truth, present at each one of these occasions, has been staring you in the face the whole time.

It’s flip flops. (obvs)

You see life is designed to be lived at the pace that naturally accompanies flips flops.


More considered.

When we wear flip flops we don’t run around here there and everywhere, desperately trying to find the answers, performing meaningless and unfulfilling tasks. Let’s face it, running in flip flops is a pain in the arse (and the feet!).

So we stop and take a moment.

Which way is most likely to get the result we’re looking for? Come to think of it, what is the result we’re looking for?

Once we have clarity, we slowly flip flop off in that direction. Hopeful, but not stressed or phased by the end result. After all it’s hard to stress about anything when wearing flip flops.

I transformed my life from stress, scheduling, anxiety and a complete lack of fulfilment and you can too.

If you feel like you’re running in flip flops, I’d love for you to come and join me on a different journey.

It’s time to slow down to speed up and insert more balance, adventure, creativity and joy, as you learn to embrace your life in flip flops.