What we're about

We used to be P. A. Running Opportunities Plus. Based on feedback from the members who come to the runs, now it's Running Around The SanFranciscoBay (RATS).

It's mostly running. Mostly.

#1. We are run by volunteers that schedule and lead a run from time to time. That is our meetup, active volunteers and organizers. What ever organizers like to do is what we become. (Let me know if you want to try and lead a run and see if you'd like to be an Asst Organizer).

#2. We plan to also host a wiki page on local running resource and ask for contributions. We also cross list other local running opportunities, even if we are not organizing it. This gives a member a rich calendar of running opportunities to find new trails and meet runners that run at all different levels and with. You are encourage to run with other clubs.

#3. Not just running calendar events. Swimming and Open Water and Road Biking and... Triathlon training.

#4. We tain and participate in races where the plan is to finish in top 10% fun and social! Think running with a friend like it's Bay to Breakers.

#5. Mostly focussed in the (SFBA) Peninsula/ Palo Alto.

So in summary, there are a lot o running clubs that are fun and have nice people. This one tries to have more active volunteers, more events posted even with other clubs, include swimming and biking and have set goals to compete in fun and social. Our members are most likely to belong to multiple clubs, not just ours. After all, more running opportunities is good.

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