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This group is for anyone interested in running. That includes those who are looking to start running for the first time, run for health, or those who train for competition and are looking for a group run for motivation. The goal of this group is to provide a space for runners to meet up for runs from our store.

Keep a look out for our different running meetup events:

Beginner - Are you interested in starting the process on how to get into running? Do you need help finding the right pair of running shoes? Lets get together and embark on the journey towards becoming a runner! There will be lots of walking with running in between. The purpose will be to build your endurance to achieve running without stopping!

Intermediate - You just enjoy running because you like how it makes you feel! You're not about getting out there and racing, instead you simply run for health. Come join us for a recreation run of 20-40 minutes. City selfies are encouraged.

Advanced - Hey...You seem to have things down at this point, I mean you're kind of a big deal. Lets meet up and get our run in and enjoy the city views. What are you thinking, 6 - 8 miles? Come join us and get your training run in for the day.

At Decathlon we want to empower everyone with the ability to participate in any sport of their choosing. Sports for all, and all for sport!

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