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Bits of Running 20/20 Groningen Mar 2017 Meetup: ‘Privacy, Sports, and Health’

Our Running 20/20 Mar 2017 Meetup ( is a joint venture together with Bits of Groningen (, the local chapter of Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom ( This special Meetup will be hosted by Launch Café Groningen ( In our Meetup format, three speakers will deliver a 30 minute 'Ted Talk-like' presentation. The presentations are high-content and are meant to trigger thoughts and (inter) action. Naturally, drinks and snacks will be provided.

When we talk about privacy, we often talk about human rights and security. This Meetup will take a different approach: we will talk about privacy in relation to sports and health. Many people have become avid gatherers of all sorts of data about themselves: average heart rate, average speed, total calories burned, etc. There are many wearables on the market that help you to measure almost anything about yourself. What does this mean for your privacy, when this data is accessed and used by third parties? What kind of image could others derive about you, your lifestyle and health? The invited speakers will explore both risks and opportunities, from their perspective and expertise.

18:30-19:00 Reception
19:00-19:10 Introduction Bits of Groningen and Running 20/20

19:10-19:40 Marie-José Bonthuis

19:40-20:10 Sander Claassen
20:10-20:30 Break / Pitches

20:30-21:00 Trix Mulder

21:00-21:30 Closing drinks

Marie-José Bonthuis

Marie-José Bonthuis LL.M MSc ( is founder and owner of IT’s Privacy ( Marie-Jose has an MSc in Law, Law&IT and is a PhD candidate of the University of Groningen. She’s also involved in various organizations regarding Data, Privacy, Law and Health.

Sander Claassen

Sander is a program manager at Wagner Group (, a firm specialized in boardroom consulting and executive education. He is a lecturer at the Hanzehogeschool Instituut voor Sportstudies ( Sander is a member of the political party D66 ( in the Province of Groningen and a member of the board in the D66 ‘Sport & Exercise’ initiative (

Trix Mulder

Trix Mulder PhD LL.M ( is a researcher at the University Medical Center Groningen and the Department of Corporate Law and European Law ( – European Technology Law and Human Rights at the University of Groningen. Her PhD research focuses on the impact of regulation on the collection and storage of health data through apps. The research project will also investigate the current consent practices for data sharing. Next to the role of researcher, Trix has the role of general manager at the IT firm Multimove (

Please register ( to receive updates on speakers, topics and other things. Feel free to contact the organizers if you like to deliver a one minute pitch.

It's also possible to just drop an email at info@bitsofgroningen, if you're not too much into running (yet) or if you like to minimize on-line privacy issues.

All speakers all requested to deliver their presentations in English. However, Q&A will be facilitated in English and Dutch.

We hope to see you there,

Best regards,

Nephtis Brandsma and Marcel van der Kuil,

on behalf of Bits of Groningen ( & Running 20/20 (