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Lake Bryan Run
NOTE: This run has been rescheduled to 9/22 due to trail conditions. The Lake Bryan meeting location is in the middle of the parking lot immediately to your left as you pass through the gatehouse entrance. This run will be 3 to 4 miles, and the distance can be adjusted depending how everyone feels at the start of the run. Note: this will be on a dirt trail, but it's a good trail with minimal trip hazards. There may be a $5 cash entry fee to the lake, and having cash on hand is recommended. The fee is per vehicle, so consider carpooling. Just message the group if you're interested in riding together.

Lakeside Icehouse

8200 Sandy Point Rd · Bryan, TX

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    What we're about

    Love to run? Love to explore? Runsploring is the ultimate combination. This group is aimed at staying active, having fun, being social, and exploring the hidden gems of College Station and Bryan.

    Although we like to get a workout, Runsploring is a laid back activity and we don't take ourselves too seriously. As a Runsplorer, we pick a starting location and route. Then we run at a comfortable pace and stop if we come across an amazing view, landmark, or anything else that sparks our interest. The ultimate goal is to have fun while staying in shape.

    We will be hosting weekly Runventures (Run adventures) in College Station. Join the group to meet up for Runventures or to share your favorite Runventure routes.


    • Running around Texas A&M

    • Exploring the parks around College Station

    • Exploring the parks around Bryan

    • Suggest your favorite running routes

    Runsploring was originally started as a Meetup Group in San Francisco and then expanded to Seoul, South Korea. It has been extremely popular with 700+ members in San Francisco and 800+ members in Seoul and counting. To see past Runventures in San Francisco, visit ; to see past Runventures in Seoul, visit .


    How long are our runs?

    Runs are usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but you can make it shorter or longer based on your running level.

    • How far do we run?

    You can run as far as you want, but they are usually between 2.5 and 5 miles. If there are a lot of people and different running levels, we can split up into groups of different abilities.

    • How fast do we run?

    We have members who are fast and slow. This is not a race, you should run at a comfortable pace and enjoy yourself. That being said, the operative word in "Runsploring" is 'run', not 'walk'. If you are trying on your running shoes for the very first time, this may not be the group for you.

    • What do I need?

    You need running shoes and a good spirit. Maybe bring some water for after the run, or some money to buy some.

    • Will we run if there is bad weather?

    We run in the rain. You can choose if you want to run when there is bad weather. If there is weather so bad that it is not safe to run (i.e.: hurricane) the meetup will be canceled. You can check the meetup before you come.

    • Do we run in the dark?

    Yes. Bring a headlamp if you are afraid of ghosts.

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