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Rust and Tell #3: Hacks, tools and daily helpers
Our third "Rust and Tell" event: This time around we want to explore cool hacks you did with Rust - integrated Rust in a hardware-project to do some things which C/C++ couldn't? - Do you rely on a daily tool you have written for yourself (in Rust) which helps you with your daily routines (at work or at home?) - Any Crypto-Trading bots out there written in Rust? - .... Show us your project or how you attempted to write it and failed miserably. The main idea is to look behind the human mind of a crate, project or learning Rust in general. Explain how you got started, how you managed to implement Rust on the server etc etc. Present your project, how you struggled and/or succeeded and answer some questions afterwards. We will have 4 slots, with 20 minutes each. You decide on how you want to fill this time. If you want to use less, also feel free to do so. It is open to EVERYONE. From absolute beginner to experienced Rust programmers. SLOT #1: Ryan Levick: ApacheBench clone SLOT #2: Sergey Potapov: Crypto trading bot SLOT #3: Mahmut Bulut: KORQ - k8s pod log tailing utility SLOT #4: --open--

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    We are interested in the emerging systems language Rust, from Mozilla. Rusties of all skill levels are welcome, or even if you are just interested in the language. We want to get together to learn Rust and work on Rust projects of all kinds.

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