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Rust Meetup: October 2017

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Is it time for another Rust meetup?


We will meet in the beautiful Mozilla office for a fresh round of talks, drinks, food and chatter about everyone's favorite programming language.

As always, we have two amazing speakers lined up for you:

Arvid E. Picciani ( )

Application container deployment for the Internet of Things with Rust

Solving containerization on very constrained devices will enable a new way we deliver system updates to embedded systems. We’ll learn about one possible approach with korhal’s bolter and how it ties into the interplanetary hash router to deliver content addressable system updates to microcontrollers anywhere, without a cloud.

Arvid is a controversial break-the-whole-box-thinker getting hired to put Linux on stuff where Linux would prefer to not be with deadlines you’d prefer to not have. He’s currently CTO of superscale networks and Founder of, an organization dedicated to liberating IoT and preventing consumer lock-in.

Vincent Esche ( )

rspec ( and what it takes to make a BDD test framework in stable Rust

While the existence of native language-level support for unit testing in Rust is a blessing, classical JUnit-style unit testing can feel a bit antiquated at times. You. Just. Keep. Repeating. Yourself. This is where BDD frameworks come in with their shared scopes and user-friendly matchers. Rspec's aim is to provide the BDD testing experience to Rust without the need to bend over backwards or drink the nightly kool-aid. Tests should be just as stable as the rest of your code, if not more. After all who tests your tests if those break?

A mobile dev lead writing Swift at an emerging fitness/health and IoT startup in Berlin by day, and Rustacean by night, Vincent authored cargo modules ( and rustfmt's comprehensive configuration guide ( and is currently working on a modern and extensible Support Vector Machine implementation in Rust.

We're looking forward to see you there!


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