Rust and Tell #2: All about the web

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Our second "Rust and Tell" event: This time around we want to explore web related projects. Running a web server with Rust? Have written an API? Tell us about it!

Also, I strongly encourage you to share your learnings. If you haven't done a full fledged project with Rust, but started web development and want to share your experience, grab a spot and complain about Rust and maybe get some help after your talk!

The main idea is to look behind the human mind of a crate, project or learning Rust in general. Explain how you got started, how you managed to implement Rust on the server etc etc. Present your project, how you struggled and/or succeeded and answer some questions afterwards.

We will have 4 slots, with 20 minutes each. You decide on how you want to fill this time. If you want to use less, also feel free to do so.

It is open to EVERYONE. From absolut beginner to experienced Rust programmers.

SLOT #1:
Tom Houlé: GraphQL client (

SLOT #2:
Yoshua Wuyts: Insights about the Rust "Net Web" working group (

SLOT #3:
Jan-Erik: semantic-rs - Crate publishing done right (

SLOT #4:
-- open --