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Rust Berlin
Rust Berlin
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With Web3 Summit and Blockchain Week happening in August, we want to take the time to understand the why and how these type of applications exist and work. Rust is the first choice when it comes to todays decentralised technologies, which gives us a head-start in diving into this space to play around with SDKs.

We will hear from Fluence, Nervos and Parity plus you get the change to meet the people behind the frameworks and be able to ask questions.

The event starts at 7pm in the Parity offices, with plenty of food, drinks and nice people to hang out with!

About Fluence
At Fluence, fast and verifiable code execution in a trustless environment is reached by using WebAssembly. Fluence is relying on Rust as one of the most suitable languages to be compiled to WebAssembly ( This talk will highlight Fluence virtual machine internals and Rust features used in Fluence Rust SDK, that allows making the developing process most straightforward:

About Nervos
CKB is a public/permissionless blockchain, the layer 1 of Nervos network, with the focus on security and decentralization

About Parity
Parity is developing the technology to disrupt centralised online services and enable institutional innovation. Each piece of Parity technology is a step towards a society run on peer-to-peer networks instead of a handful of corporations. Parity is working on several open-source technologies such as, Parity Ethereum, Parity Substrate and Polkadot. Learn more:,

Mike Voronov, Research Engineer, Fluence Labs,
Xuejie, Core Developer on CKB VM, Nervos,
Pierre Krieger, Core Developer, Parity Technologies,