Rust Kraków #1

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Rust Krakow
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Dear Rustaceans,

It is has been a while since our inauguration and we hope that you will forgive us the long delay between the meetups. As there was quite a few of us last time, we are moving to Pauza In Garden which has quite an amount of space available and where Collective Sense is going to provide us with drinks.

We have two planned talks for the next event and space for at least one longer talk or a few lighting ones. We encourage to participate, just ping the organizers.

1) "Rust - my favorite features" by Fulara, a C++ programmer working currently in finance company on trading software.

2) "DataFusion - Big Data meets Rust" by Przemek Maciolek, a Rust enthusiast doing Rock^H^H^H^HData Science in Security most of his time

3) You? Just ping us!

Thank you Pauza In Garden for hosting us and thank you Collective Sense for sponsoring the drinks!

See you there!