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A meetup for the interesting programming language Rust.

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Your team is Ernest, Giles, Luca, Peter, Jaime, Ethan, and Amanieu

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LDN *Virtual* Talks Apr 2021 *Red Badger Takeover*

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The Rust London User Group is happy to announce our second takeover event of 2021. These meetups will serve as a showcase for a particular dev team or company building with Rust.

Our Takeover guests this month are Red Badger


"Red Badger helps you bring innovative products and services to market through nimble and robust ways of working". They work with various companies across a wide array of industries to build quality digital products quickly.

Rust London will be giving 4 developers from the Red Badger team the floor to share what they are currently building with Rust and what they aspire to do with the language in the future.

**This event will be Live-Streamed due to the Corona-Virus Pandemic; to attend the event, please register here: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/13348-ldn-virtual-talks-apr-2021-red-badger-takeover **


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• Speaker: Pedro Martin

• Speaker: David Laban

• Speaker: Graeme Coupar

• Speaker: Stuart Harris

Rusty Azure: Pedro Martin

How on a UK Government project, we extended an unofficial Azure SDK for Rust and now is being backed by Microsoft.


Monitoring Temperature (with too many Bluetooth thermometers): David Laban

A personal project to connect Bluetooth temperature sensors to Grafana using Raspberry Pis and an exploration of Rust Bluetooth Libraries.


Cynic: Rusty Graphql: Graeme Coupar

The story of how I came to write a new Rust GraphQL client library, the evolution of its API and how it’s being used in a national chicken restaurant chain.


Wasmcloud, a next-gen platform in Rust and Wasm: Stuart Harris

Building and managing distributed systems with microservices today is fraught with complexity and hidden cost. We look at how platforms are evolving, Wasmcloud as a next-generation platform, and the part that Rust and Web assembly have to play in blurring the distinction between the cloud and the edge. We’ll get our hands dirty and build a Wasmcloud cluster on a couple of Raspberry Pi machines and walk through running some example workloads written in Rust.



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