LDN Talks July 2019

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Belvedere Rd · London

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Tube: Westminster Tube Station

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• Welcome & Networking
• News and Announcements
• Speaker: Eirik Albrigtsen - Kubernetes Controllers in Rust
• Speaker: Matt Provst - Rust CLI Patterns
• Speaker: Florian Gilcher - Training in Rust
• Speaker: James Munns - Sealed Rust

We're being hosted by Cloudflare at their offices near Westminster Tube Station.


James will talk about using tools in a safety critical domain, how the Rust Language can help meet the needs of safety and security critical projects, and the path to making Sealed Rust a reality.
Rust as a language has been stable since 2015, use of a programming language and compiler within projects that have safety critical demands, such as Automotive, Industrial, or Avionics, requires a higher bar of entry than the Rust compiler can offer today.
James Munns is an Embedded Systems Engineer who has worked on projects ranging from Safety Critical Avionics to Rapidly Prototyped IoT systems. He is a founding member of Rust Embedded Working Group, and a member of the Embedded WG Core Team. He is also a Co-founder of Ferrous Systems a systems software focused consultancy in Berlin, Germany.


Eirik will show how to build Rust Cloud Apps quickly and efficiently, plus things that need to be considered from an operations perspective. Illustrated with examples for Alpine, Actix, Circleci.
Eirik will then go on to discuss the Why and How of extending Kubernetes to create a best-practice controller.
Eirik Albrigtsen is a platform engineer at Babylon Health. He has been writing Rust for about 4 years, and is the maintainer of `kube` and `muslrust`.


Matt will give an overview of some common patterns used to effectively implement utilities in Rust.
There's a renaissance of Posix command line utilities coming from the Rust community, with tools such as ripgrep, exa, fd, bat, and hexyl. There are still some rough edges in the language's standard library for implementing CLI tools though.
Matt Provost is the Engineering Manager of the Compute Infrastructure team at Yelp, based in London. Prior to this he was the Systems Manager at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand where he was responsible for the Top 500 supercomputers used to render such films as Avatar and the Hobbit trilogy.


Florian has been programming Rust for 5 years and is a co-founder of the local Berlin Rust meetup and the European Rust conference RustFest. He works within the project as a lead of the events management team, part of the community team, and observer to Rust core. He will reflect on 5 years of learning and teaching Rust. This talk shares experiences from both running free learners groups and professional training.
Florian Gilcher recently Co-founded Ferrous Systems, a company fully focused on Rust on embedded systems and networked devices.