LDN Talks October 2019

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Belvedere Rd · London

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Tube: Westminster Tube Station

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Rust London is proud to announce this months special LDN Talks. We will be welcoming the Terminus DB team from Dublin Ireland.

TerminusDB is an open-source database built for data people. It is a model-driven graph database designed specifically for the web-age. The result is unified, well-structured & refined data - the jet fuel of future business. TerminusDB greatly reduces the time and effort required to build any application that shares, manipulates or edits data.

They will be showcasing TerminusStore, their fast triple store - data that consists of a subject, predicate and an object, where object can either be some value, or a node - is implemented in Rust.

We will also be having a joint Keynote talk from Florian Doyan, one of the longest standing and most experienced members of the Rust London Community.


• Welcome & Networking
• News and Announcements
• Speaker: Dr Gavin Mendel-Gleason & Matthijs van Otterdijk
• Speaker: Florian Doyan

We're being hosted by Cloudflare at their offices near Westminster Tube Station.

Pizza and Drinks will be provided.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason is a doctor of computer science, specialising in type theory and formal methods. He has worked in industry in big-data modelling, search and query optimisation and in both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques. His passion is creating a synthesis of logical techniques for knowledge representation and reasoning with modern machine learning techniques to create the database of the future.

Florian Doyon describes himself as "Senior Something or other at
Talos Trading". His talk titled 4 Years of Rust for Fun, but mostly Profit will showcase his journey using Rust professionally since pre 1.0, in places ranging from closed source, highly controlled, corporate environments to his own independent personal projects.

Matthijs van Otterdijk is a database engineer based in the Netherlands. He studied at the Technical University of Delft and has worked as a software engineer since graduation. His interests include Rust, Lisp, networks, virtualization and the fauna of planet earth.