LDN Talks February 2020

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1 Hardwick Street · London

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Tube: Islington Angel Tube Station

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Rust London is happy to announce the February LDN Talks, after a positive start to 2020 we continue with 2 stellar talks from members of the community.


• Welcome & Networking

• News and Announcements

• Speaker: Peter Parkanyi

• Speaker: Luca Palmieri

We're being hosted by TrueLayer at their offices near Angel Islington Tube Station.

Pizza and Drinks will be provided.

Peter is a developer at Red Sift which is the power behind OnDMARC and OnINBOX. He will be giving a talk on Ingraind.

There’s Kubernetes everywhere, and developers have become used to just
dropping a container to get our apps running, then quickly forgetting
them until something breaks again. The convenience is hard to
question. But how do we know what happens in the meantime? I will go
through the basics of observability, and the work we have done at Red
Sift to put Rust in the Linux kernel with eBPF for fast and secure
systems monitoring using ingraind.


Luca Palmieri is a Lead Engineer at TrueLayer and active maintainer of numerical and machine learning crates in the Rust OSS ecosystem (ndarray, ndarray-stats, linfa)

Rust has more to bring to the table than performance and tight control over resources.
Luca Palmieri will walk us through the implementation of a Realworld backend service using Rust (Tide + Diesel), with a focus on the opportunities opened up by the Rust type system for domain modelling, API design and communicating intent when writing enterprise software.