Rust Hack & Learn January 2020


=== Intro ===
Everyone is welcome, from seasoned programmer to those still seeking an opportunity to write their first line of Rust. In the latter case, don't worry, we will help you getting set up and going.

Hanseaticsoft is so kind to us again.

=== What we'll do ===

1. Networking:
We start of with some networking, so that everybody gets to know each other. This also gives us enough time to wait for most people to arrive ;)

2. Talks:
To be announced, waiting for your proposals 😉

3. Hack and Learn:
Join us for another round of hacking and learning Rust! Pair up and solve some Katas, work on your latest Rust project or join the "newbie corner".

=== Requirements ===

Please bring a laptop, ideally with your favourite editor and a recent Rust stable already installed. If you can't bring one, you can certainly pair up with someone who brought theirs.